Exotic Bass Fishing Charters in Miami, FL for Peacock Bass

Exotic Bass Fishing Charters

Wondering where in the USA you can catch a wide variety of exotic species? Miami, FL is not only a world-class destination; it is a paradise for fishing. Whether you want to go saltwater or freshwater fishing, you can have it all right here in beautiful and sunny Miami. Join our local experts on a day of exotic bass fishing charters in Miami, FL in search of the elusive peacock bass.

Our local experts have spent many hours of their time determining the best techniques and methods to catch exotics. Even though live bait is the best method to put numbers of quality fish in the boat, artificial baits can be effective if the conditions match up just right. Captains Robert Miley, Joe Gruny, and Kirk Osborne are very knowledgeable of fishing in Miami and can put you on fish all trip long.
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Our first adventure takes us deep into South Florida. Captain Robert Miley had the pleasure of fishing with Dustin and Julie traveling from California. They were vacationing in the Keys and wanted to explore freshwater bass fishing. One of the best ways to do that is an Aerojet Canal System fishing charter. Within minutes from the Keys, you can be on a variety of freshwater species.

Dustin and Julie adventured out on a quick 4-hour fishing trip in the afternoon. When cold fronts move in, afternoon trips have the most success as the sun is able to warm things up. Once this happens, the bass starts biting. This couple enjoyed catching 6 peacock bass along with a giant catfish.

Just another Great Fishing Trip

They are looking forward to their next trip out with Captain Miley. Next time, we will get them on some bigger bass with more tenacity.

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Joe Gruny adventured out on the Miami International Airport Lakes. He had the pleasure of fishing with Ryan and his son Cody. They were traveling to sunny and warm South Florida to escape the winter weather. While doing so, Miami peacock bass fishing was on the agenda.
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Catching a peacock bass was on their bucket list and it did not take long before they caught numbers of peacock bass. Cody landed his first 3-pound peacock bass rather quickly accomplishing the goal. Miami peacock bass fishing is an awesome experience for anglers who love a strong fight and a quiet bite when the conditions are perfect.

Ryan also landed a peacock bass. Ryan and Cody landed a total of 6 peacock bass on their short 3-hour fishing trip. They were super excited to catch peacock bass and next time they are visiting; they will be back for more of this incredible action. Captain Joe will be honored to adventure back out with them again.
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It was not long until our last expert adventured out on a beautiful afternoon trip. Captain Kirk Osborne had the pleasure of fishing with Jeff and his good friend Brandon. They were traveling from Pennsylvania looking to cash in on some excellent weather. While they were here, fishing in the Miami Airport Lakes was a must.

The weather was sunny with temperatures in the 80s. Winds were coming out of the North West making for a great bite. You can maximize your time and catch plenty of bass with live bait in 4 hours.
They wanted to find out if everything they heard about peacock bass was true. It was confirmed that the Florida peacock bass puts up an excellent strong fight and that they have incredible colors. Brandon caught his first peacock bass on a jerk bait and Jeff caught one on a live domestic shiner.
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Continued Success in Miami

As the day went on, they continued to put peacock bass in the boat. It was one after another until the time ran out. Brandon and Jeff caught a total of 23 peacock bass on their 4-hour fishing excursion. They even landed a few double hook-ups.

Capt Bob Takes Over

Captain Kirk is looking forward to the next opportunity to Exotic bass fishing charters take these awesome guys out again!

Don’t miss out on your fishing adventure on your next visit to Miami, FL. Peacock bass is biting and as the weather continues to stay warm, the bite will get better. Now is your time to get on that bucket list species and catch right here in sunny South Florida. You never know what will bite with our local experts. We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

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