Everglades Largemouth Bass Fishing

Yesterday I took out Hale White and his wife from Thompson, Tenn., what a great young couple. The day started off with a monster explosion that got away, I would say it was 8 to 9 pounds by the look of it. After that loss, it took a bit to re-group and start fishing again.

Every spot we hit produced a couple of good fish. We only spent 4 hours on the water, we boated around 15 fish total with a 5-pound kicker bass.

It was a very exciting morning, to say the least, even when I was loading up the boat Hale caught a 3 pounder at the boat ramp. Great job guys, hope to see you again real soon!

Today I took out Peter Balis from Ill. Peter wanted to see the Everglades and catch big largemouth bass. So, out in the Everglades, we went.

What a great guy, we talked and fished all day (ya know that old saying time flies when you’re having fun) it surely did today. By the end of the day, Peter boated between 15 to 20 fish with 3 of the bass being between 5 to 6lbs and lost a couple of good ones also. It was a really good day for Peter and me.

I am looking forward to taking Peter out again in October.

If you are visiting South or Central Florida for work or vacation and want to experience the best bass fishing that there is to offer then please give us a call. We can be reached @ (888) 629-BASS or email us

Good fishing,
Capt Tony Masiello


888-629-BASS (2277)

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