Sawgrass Recreational Bass Fishing in South Florida

Sawgrass Recreational Bass Fishing

Are you looking for an incredible bass fishing experience? Do you love to throw artificial lures? The Florida Everglades is a hot spot for bass fishing this time of year. Water levels are getting lower and the bass are moving off the flats into main canals. Let’s get you hooked up on a Sawgrass Recreational bass fishing charter right here in South Florida. It will be a trip you never forget!

One of the great parts about choosing our service is that you get to fish with a local expert. Our local experts have spent many years and days on the water. What this has allowed them to do is guide you and hone you in on the largemouth bass in the Everglades. If you are looking for big numbers of bass, you truly can’t beat an outdoor experience in the Everglades.

Here is your Sawgrass Recreational Bass Fishing Update:

Sawgrass Recreational Bass Fishing 1Captain Mark Rose had the pleasure of fishing with Mark in the Florida Everglades. Mark was traveling from Texas looking to experience what Florida Bass Fishing had to offer. He adventured out on a solo fishing trip for 6-hours. The action was red hot and Mark enjoyed every minute.

Mark caught large numbers of bass on this fishing trip. He also landed several quality fish weighing up to 3-pounds. All the fish came on artificial baits. The most productive was topwater poppers in silver and watermelon red flake flukes. You can’t go wrong with either of these baits when fishing in the Everglades.

Mark will be back for more action and Captain Mark is looking forward to their next adventure!

Just shortly after this great fishing trip, Captain Mark was back out on the water searching for largemouth. This time, he had the pleasure of fishing with Danny, Raul, and Andy. They were traveling to Florida on vacation and wanted to experience the Everglades. Bass Fishing was a fantastic way to do so!  Sawgrass Recreational Bass Fishing 2

Danny, Raul, and Andy crushed over 60 Florida largemouth bass on artificial baits. Most of the bass were taken on soft plastic flukes and topwater poppers. The biggest bass weighed in at 5 pounds. One of the best parts of this fishing trip was the top water explosions and action.

These guys are looking forward to getting back on the water with Captain Mark in the near future!

It was not long after this fishing adventure that Captain George Mrozinski explored what Sawgrass Recreational Park had to offer. He had the pleasure of fishing with Mike and Chad. They set up a last minute fishing trip while Sawgrass Recreational Bass Fishing 4visiting South Florida. Even though they were here on business, bass fishing was a must! They spent a nice afternoon on a quick 4-hour fishing trip.

Most of the bass came on topwater baits including frogs and poppers. Mike and Chad caught big numbers of bass and had a great time with every catch. They will be back for more of this Everglades Bass Fishing action in the near future. Captain George is looking forward to fishing with these gentlemen again!

Captain George was back on the water before you know it after the last trip. He had the pleasure of fishing with Tom and Bob. They were traveling from Pennsylvania looking to enjoy some Florida sunshine. While doing so, fishing for bass in the Everglades was a great way to get in the outdoors. They adventured out on a quick 4-hour fishing trip in the morning crushing the largemouth bass.   Sawgrass Recreational Bass Fishing 3

Sawgrass bass fishing treated these friends right with great numbers of bass on topwater. They did not catch any giant bass but had a great time reeling in bass. Most of the bass came on topwater poppers or walking baits. Tom and Bob will be back for more action in the Everglades! Captain George is looking forward to fishing with them again soon!!

It was not long after this fishing adventure that Captain George was back out fishing Sawgrass. He had the pleasure of fishing with Bob and his sons Marko and Milosh. They were traveling from Chicago looking to spend some quality time on the water. It was a beautiful afternoon and a great time to catch largemouth bass in the Everglades.

One of the best parts about being a fishing captain is the ability to educate and teach new techniques. Captain George successfully taught several new ways to fish for bass for Bob and his sons. They caught over 40 largemouth bass on soft plastics and topwater baits. Everything is a presentation when it comes to bass fishing. This family got it down quick and landed great numbers of bass!

Bob and his sons are looking forward to their next fishing adventure in the Everglades. Captain George will be glad to show them another amazing time!

Finally, Captain George adventure out on his last trip of this update. He had the pleasure of fishing with great friends Jim and Jason. They were traveling from New England looking to enjoy the warm weather of Florida.
Unfortunately, they came down during one of our cold fronts and had to brave the rain and cooler weather.

Sawgrass Recreational Bass Fishing 6Luckily, the bass was biting early in the morning. Topwater action was steady and they had a competition of who could catch the most and best bass. Always awesome to keep things light and have a great time on the water.
Great numbers of bass came to the boat with steady action all trip long.

Jim and Jason will be back for more action in the near future with Captain George!

As you can see, Everglades Bass Fishing is on FIRE! The Everglades is one of the most productive fisheries to catch largemouth bass here in Florida. If you are looking for big numbers of bass, travel and explore the long canals of South Florida. We look forward to seeing you on the water next time with one of our local experts!!

Come Visit Florida and Catch Yours Today

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