February Everglades Fishing Charters for Largemouth Bass

February Everglades Fishing Charters

Are you wondering where you can catch more largemouth bass than your rod can handle? Are you an avid fisherman that loves to throw artificial baits? Do you have family members you want to get hooked on fishing? We have the perfect location for you. The Florida Everglades is a bass fishing paradise. It has been one of the most productive fisheries in the state for largemouth bass. Hop onboard our February Everglades Fishing Charters for an adventure of a lifetime!

One of the major benefits of fishing with our local experts is that they are on fish. When you embark on a fishing trip, you will know that you are going to catch large numbers of bass. All locations in the Everglades have been highly productive. Our local experts will put you on fish all trip long.

Here is your Everglades Bass Fishing Update:

February Everglades Fishing Charters 3Captain Wayne Fellows had the pleasure of fishing with repeat clients, John and Lucy. While they were on vacation and enjoying Florida, they wanted to explore the Florida Everglades. Captain Wayne took them on an adventure into the Everglades along Alligator Alley.

During this trip, John and Lucy had an early start to the day with some chill in the air. Once the sun came out, the temperatures warmed and the bass started biting. This wonderful couple had a fantastic time on the water catching over 60 largemouth bass. The biggest bass weighed in at 4 pounds with several others in the 3-pound range.

John and Lucy are looking forward to coming back down to Florida in search of more bass fishing action! Captain Wayne will show them around and get them on some big bass.

It was not long after this fishing trip that Captain Joe Gruny went out fishing in the Everglades. He had the pleasure of fishing with Paul and Pat. They were traveling from Wisconsin looking to catch largemouth bass on artificial baits. Sawgrass Recreational Park was the best location to get the job done.

The action was fantastic on this fishing trip even with 35 mph winds. All the largemouth bass were caught on artificial baits including rapalas and bango lures. Paul and Pat spent 3 hours on the water and caught 44 Florida largemouth bass. You can’t beat that action while traveling to Florida. February Everglades Fishing Charters 2
Captain Joe is looking forward to fishing with Paul and Pat again in the near future!

Always Produces

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Wayne was back out in the Everglades out of Holiday Park. This time, he had the pleasure of fishing with another repeat client, Lincoln, and his wife Christine. The conditions were cloudy but they were in-store for something magical. Everglades bass fishing has been fantastic this time of year.

Lincoln and Christine caught some excellent numbers on their 6-hour fishing trip. All the bass were caught on artificial jerk baits, soft plastics, and topwater baits. The biggest bass weighed in at a whopping 7 pounds. You don’t typically catch big bass like this in the Everglades. Lincoln loves exploring the glades and catching quality largemouth bass.

February Everglades Fishing Charters 5Lincoln and Christine are looking forward to coming back to the glades and catching more largemouth bass with Captain Wayne!

It was not long after this fishing trip that Captain Joe was back out in the Everglades. He had the pleasure of fishing with Eytan and his two friends. They wanted to explore what the Florida Everglades had to offer. The conditions were not the best for bass fishing with recent cold fronts that rolled through South Florida. When cold weather hits, the bass move deep!

Eytan and his two friends caught decent numbers of bass on artificial baits. The most productive baits were a wacky worm and swim baits. Slower presentations under these conditions are the best way to produce fish.
Eytan is looking forward to catching more bass in the near future whether in the Everglades, Miami or Lake Okeechobee with Captain Joe Gruny!

Don’t Hesitate to Try!

February Everglades Fishing Charters 1

The Everglades is a fantastic fishery for first-timers or those that love to explore long stretches of canal. This river of grass will amaze you. It will produce some of the best bass fishing you have yet to experience. Our local experts have years of knowledge to get you around quality fish all trip long. We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

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