December North Florida Fishing Report for Largemouth and Speck

December North Florida Fishing

The end of December is here and the new year is upon us. As the cooler months arrive, the bass fishing will begin to get better and better. One of the reasons is that the cooler water temperatures signal largemouth bass to begin their spawning process. As a result, it will give you the chance to catch the biggest bass of your life. All you need is some December North Florida Fishing to get you in love with the outdoors.

Currently, the Rodman Reservoir is going through its drawdown period. As water management lowers the water levels for ecological maintenance, the bass will begin to get stacked in key areas. This will allow you to target them and catch larger numbers of quality fish.

One of the keys to having success on the water is a local expert. Years of experience has allowed them to dial in on prime locations to land big bass. When looking for that trophy largemouth bass, our local experts are some of the best to get you on them.

Check out this North Florida Fishing update for largemouth bass and crappie:

December North Florida Fishing 1The Rodman Reservoir is a beautiful fishery to explore this time of year. I had the pleasure of fishing with Rich, Bryn, and Zac. This group of guys were part of a larger group of family members looking to explore North Florida. While they were visiting from Montana, a Florida bass fishing trip was a must.

As a result, these 7 family members charted out on a two boat fishing adventure with Captain Peter T and myself. The fishing has been picking up and producing some quality bass on each trip. Wild-caught live shiners were the best method to put fish in the boat.

Young Zac caught the biggest fish on this trip. It weighed in at almost 6 pounds. It was a beautiful and very healthy fish. Zac really enjoyed the fight of this nice largemouth bass.

Rich, Bryn, and Zac all had a fantastic time fishing on the Reservoir. They landed a total of 17 largemouth bass in their short 4-hour fishing trip. Captain Peter’s boat also had success landing some big bass on their trip.

I am looking forward to seeing this family back again in the near future!” – Captain Ken Walker

Shortly after this fishing trip, Captain David Lang explored what the Rodman could offer.

“No day that you get to explore North Florida and more specifically the Rodman Reservoir is a bad day. I had the pleasure of fishing with Robert, his father and his best friend on a bass fishing trip. They always wanted to explore the Rodman Reservoir.

Robert and his family were traveling from Wisconsin looking to experience the outdoors. Sunny and beautiful weather enhanced their experience. Everyone on board had a blast catching bass all trip long. It was a quick 4-hour fishing charter with steady action. December North Florida Fishing 3

Unfortunately, we could not find any giant fish but everyone on board landed several nice bass. Robert and his family caught over 10 largemouth bass with the biggest weighing over 4 pounds.

As time moves on and the water temperature stabilizes, the big bass will begin to move to shallow water. When this happens, you will get the opportunity to catch big females looking for a snack.

I am looking forward to fishing with Robert and his family again on their next outdoor fishing adventure in North Florida!” – Captain David Lang

A change of pace occurred on this next fishing update. Captain Ken explored Lake Santa Fe for some giant Crappie or Speck!

“When it comes to crappie or speck fishing, numbers are always the target. Sometimes you come across some bigger fish that can surprise you. I had the pleasure of fishing with Matt and Tyler on beautiful Lake Santa Fe.

This place is a honey hole for speck fishing. Trolling is always a preferred method to catch fish on this lake. Matt and Tyler landed over 19 crappie on this fishing trip.

The biggest fish measured in at 16 inches. It was a blast for everyone on board. We love to see constant action all trip long. The preferred method to catching these crappie was to troll around underwater structure.

December North Florida Fishing 2Luckily, the action was on and they landed some beautiful big crappie. Everyone on board was happy with their fishing experience and I am looking forward to getting them back out again for more!” – Capt Ken

Explore North Florida for Largemouth Bass and Crappie (Speck) while Rodman Reservoir Fishing

Every chance that you get to experience what North Florida is all about should be seized. Bass fishing is one of the best outdoor activities you can embark on. Every year and month, anglers from across the globe travel to North Florida to experience all that there is to offer.

Each experience is unique and can be tailored to your needs. Don’t overlook bass fishing, especially on the Rodman Reservoir. It is one of the best trophy bass fisheries to explore in Florida. Now is the time to experience it as well.

The Rodman Reservoir Drawdown is currently going on. When you explore this amazing place, nothing can prepare you for what you will experience. The views and constant action will keep you coming back for years.

We hope that we get the chance to show you around the Rodman Reservoir on your next visit to North Florida!

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