Trophy Rodman Reservoir Fishing Experience in North Florida

Rodman Reservoir Fishing Experience

Have you ever wondered where you can catch a trophy largemouth bass in Florida? There is one destination in North Florida that continues to produce trophy-sized fish all year long: The Rodman Reservoir. If you are looking for the most legendary experience while freshwater fishing, this is your destination. Be prepared to lose your breath while observing this incredible fishery along with fighting that fish of a lifetime. Let’s get you hooked up on a trophy Rodman Reservoir fishing experience!

The Rodman Reservoir is located in Interlachen, Florida. This is a quiet, rural town located in North Florida. If you are traveling to Gainesville, you are roughly 45 minutes away from this beautiful fishery. Staying along the east coast? You are roughly an hour away from one of the best fisheries in the state. Once you are here, enjoy this 15-mile long reservoir filled with trophy-sized Florida largemouth bass.

One of the most important parts about fishing this lake is experiencing it with a local expert. Not only have they spent years bass fishing the reservoir, but they will make sure you get to your fishing destination and back safely. The Rodman Reservoir is filled with stumps, fallen timber, and bass-ridden water hazards. Captain Ken Walker is one of the BEST that have ever guided on this fishery.

If you are looking for the most knowledgeable and kind person to fish with, Captain Ken is your man. Put aside the giant fish you will put in the boat, you are actually going to learn something incredible about bass fishing when on his fishing vessel. Captain Ken takes his time to teach you how to hold the rod, set the hook, and reel in the biggest bass of your life. His techniques are highly successful as he has puts his clients on their personal best fish time after time.

Captain Ken adventured out with Kristen and her boyfriend Joe. Joe is a fishing fanatic and loves to travel around Florida catching bass. Kristen loves to get out in the outdoors and is starting to share his passion for fishing. One of the most amazing parts about fishing is watching faces light up as they set the hook. This couple traveled all the way from South Florida to get their hands on a trophy largemouth bass. Joe has been hunting for one his whole young life.

Rodman really came in strong for this young couple as they both had the time of their life. Kristen really got addicted on Florida Bass Fishing after this trip. Both would strongly recommend coming to experience what this beautiful place has to offer. Here is a testament to what you can experience in the eyes of the angler:

Kristen’s Experience:

“This weekend was planned to fish Rodman Reservoir for my boyfriend’s birthday. He is a huge bass fishing fanatic and the goal was to get him his personal best, hoping and praying for a double-digit Rodman monster we’ve been hearing about.
I am not a fisherman and my only intentions were to be there for support and take some pictures, part of me hoping we weren’t going to be out super long.

That all changed right away and it’s all thanks to Captain Ken Walker!

I don’t even know where to begin explaining how spectacular this day was for both of us. Captain Ken is such a genuine, funny person and absolutely knows what he’s doing. Not only does he know this fishery like the back of his hand but he is such a good teacher and has so much patience for people like me that have no idea what they’re doing.

I went in knowing close to nothing about fishing or the proper techniques. By the end of the trip, I was hooked and it actually looked like I knew what I was doing.

We were out all day and every second of it was so much fun.

This trip more than exceeded my expectations. He got my boyfriend his dream fish which made the entire trip and he got me anxiously waiting to go out fishing again, which is something I’d never say before this experience.”

Joe’s Experience:

Rodman Reservoir Fishing 2
“Words truly can’t describe how amazing the Rodman Reservoir actually is. It is one of those places that you dream about when it comes to Florida Fishing. There is no place in Florida like this. I always wanted to catch a trophy largemouth bass my whole life and thought I would spend a lifetime looking for it. I heard and read a lot of great stuff about fishing on Rodman and knew I had to experience it. Captain Ken really came across as the guide to help my girlfriend and I get on the biggest bass of our life.

It did not take long before it happened. We stepped aboard Captain Ken’s clean boat and off we went. We cruised out of this canal into open water with stumps and trees coming out of the water. After traveling for a short distance, our first spot was in sight. We nosed into this beautiful location filled with promising fishing structures.

After 30 minutes of letting our live bait soak, we heard a pop and gulp of a fish attacking bait on the surface. Captain Ken advised me to throw my live shiner to it. It was not long until that shiner was gone and that fish was moving off with it. Letting that fish eat was key. Captain Ken said “Reel” and I started reeling as fast as I could. Then he said “Set it” and I set up on this fish as I have never had before.

Once I set up on this fish, something magical happened. As a fisherman, you always dream of that largemouth that can’t get her head out of the water because she is so big. IT HAPPENED and I could not have been more excited.

One thing I want to add is that you can’t accomplish your dreams without an experienced guide. You have to get out on the water with someone that knows how that particular fishery functions. I highly recommend Captain Ken for not only his knowledge but his sincere and genuine love and passion for the sport of bass fishing. Thank you Captain Ken for this experience I’ll never forget!”
Rodman Reservoir Fishing 1
Fishing on the Rodman is not something that can be expressed through words, pictures, or video. You truly have to go out there and experience it for yourself. Taste what it truly means to fish a legendary fishery with a legendary Captain. Bring your loved ones, friends, or family along with you and get them hooked on fishing. There is no better way to do it. These upcoming colder months are going to be a strong and perfect time to do so. The bass will be biting and spawning which is when you can land your trophy largemouth bass!

We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

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About Capt Kenneth Walker is a Air Force Veteran, Father, grandfather, and retired firefighter paramedic. A Florida Native Kenneth grew up in Gainesville and has fished the local waterways since the age of 3. Now he is sharing those experiences with you on his exclusive fishing guide trips.


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