Summer Rodman Reservoir Fishing Charters For Trophy Largemouth Bass

Summer Rodman Reservoir Fishing

Take me back to the time I explored the Summer Rodman Reservoir Fishing. A fishing adventure of a lifetime that I will never forget. This place is a true fishing destination that allows you to access a hidden gem of North Florida. When I sit back and reflect on that experience, I know that every time I go back will be uniquely different. If you are looking for the biggest largemouth bass of your life, you have to explore the Rodman Reservoir. Summer Rodman Reservoir Fishing is the perfect opportunity to do so!

Every month of the year brings about a shift in fishing patterns. One thing that stays pretty consistent is that you will find and catch some big trophy largemouth bass. All year long you can hook into some beautiful fish. One main element to your success is a local expert. They know all the spots and can dial you in quicker on the changing bite. Captain Ken Walker and Captain David Lang are exceptional captains who can get you on the fish you desire.
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Captain David Lang had the pleasure of fishing with Chris and his son on the Reservoir. They are local to the North Florida region and love to get out bass fishing. Summer months may get hot but the bite gets even hotter. Spending a day on the water with your son is a priceless moment that was enjoyed right in their backyard.

Summer Fishing is Good

Just a short drive from Gainesville, Chris, and his son was on bass quite quickly. They landed multiple largemouth bass on their quick fishing trip. There were no giants on the boat but nice fish weighing up to 6 pounds. Action is all you need when enjoying a day in the outdoors. It was a beautiful day on the water and the rain stayed away.

Chris and his son had an amazing time fishing on the Rodman Reservoir. They are ready to rebook and come back to catch more largemouth in the near future. Captain David is looking forward to their next adventure!

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Ken Walker embarked on an adventure on the Rodman. He had the pleasure of fishing with Jesse, Ashley, and their 9-year-old nephew John. They were local to North Florida as well and heard a lot of great things about the Rodman Reservoir. While looking for an outdoor adventure, Rodman Reservoir Fishing came to play.
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Jesse and his family started the day out throwing artificial baits. John started the day off early with a bass on a soft-plastic lizard. Ashely came in strong right after that with a Ribbit Frog. After landing several bass this way, they wanted to switch over to wild-caught live shiners. It was not long after this that the trophy largemouth bass started coming to the boat.

Jesse landed the biggest bass of the day weighing in at a whopping 11 pounds 11 ounces. Ashely also caught a trophy monster bass weighing 10 pounds 9 ounces. Everyone on board got a new personal best fish. Young John came in strong with big numbers of bass. It was a blast for the whole family to be out on the water catching fish all trip long.

About Captain Ken

Captain Ken is looking forward to fishing with this awesome family again in the near future!

When it comes to catching bass here in North Florida, you don’t need much time. You can truly cash in on some excellent action all year long. Hop on board with one of our local experts and they will get you on something truly magical. I reminisce on this fishing trip almost every time I see a big bass. Your dreams can come true on the Rodman Reservoir and our local experts are the answer. We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

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