Travel Peacock Bass Fishing Adventure in Miami Florida

Travel Peacock Bass Fishing

If there is one destination that provides you the best of both worlds, it would be Miami, FL. Spend multiple days on your visit or vacation exploring all that Miami has to offer. From the beaches, shops, and nightlife, you can stay busy all vacation. One thing you do not want to miss out on is a Florida bass fishing adventure. Miami is home to some of the BEST peacock bass fishing in the United States. You never know where a Travel Peacock Bass Fishing Adventure of a lifetime will take you.

Travel Peacock Bass Fishing 1The Florida peacock bass are quite exciting to catch. You will be amazed at the colors that pop off these fish as you are reeling them in. Hold on tight as the fight of a peacock bass will amaze you. The most difficult part is locating the fish and staying up-to-date with the changing trends of these fish. A local expert is essential in order to help get you on that bass of a lifetime.

Captain Robert Miley is one of the best guides for catching Miami peacock bass. He had the pleasure of fishing with Jason and his wife Princess. They are traveling Nurses that were vacationing in Miami, FL. While doing so, they wanted to catch peacock bass. After seeing all the wonderful catches Captain Miley has had, it was a must to get on the water with him.

Peacock bass are an exotic species meaning that when the sun is the hottest, they bite the best. At around 10:30 AM, Jason and Princess started getting some consistent bites. Once it got started, it was on. At around 12 PM, the bite got even better. You generally don’t get so many quality fish in one trip.

Jason and Princess had an outstanding peacock bass fishing adventure at Miami’s Airport Lakes. Once dialing in on the patience and light bite, they started landing some beautiful fish. Luckily, Jason and Princess were fishermen and were able to adjust quickly. They landed over 12 peacock bass with the biggest weighing in at 5.5 and 5 pounds. Also, several 3 pounders made it to the boat.

One neat part about fishing in Miami is that you can also catch saltwater species that crossed over. Jason and Princess caught a freshwater Snook on their fishing trip. They could not have been more excited about the results of this trip and are looking forward to coming back again in the near future!
Captain Miley is excited to get them back out for more action!

Travel Peacock Bass Fishing 2Just shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Miley explored the Miami Airport Lakes again. This time, he had Andrew and his son on a fishing adventure for peacock bass. They were traveling from Ohio looking for some fun in the sun. While doing so, peacock bass was on their list.

Andrew and his son explored Miami for some peacock bass on an afternoon fishing trip. It was a hot day with a slight breeze. Even though the sun was hot, everyone had a great time catching bass. The live bait may have been small but the fish were large.

This family caught some nice fish on this trip. The biggest fish weighed in at 5 pounds but they also had a fish weighing in at 4.75 pounds. Live bait was essential on this trip. Captain Miley was glad to be able to get them on some quality fish. Andrew and his son had an awesome time catching peacock bass and will be back for more action soon.

Captain Miley will be there to help them land an even bigger bass!

Miami, FL is filled with endless fun activities that are perfect for your family or loved ones. Everyone can have a blast catching fish on our fishing adventures. Don’t miss out on the action while it is hot. Our local experts will take you right to the spots that are productive so you never have to worry about not catching fish. They can also teach you new methods to catch all freshwater species wherever you are located. Travel down to Miami and have an outdoor adventure of a lifetime!

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