Male Peacock Bass Fishing in Sunny South Florida with Local Experts

Male Peacock Bass Fishing

Male Peacock Bass Fishing 1Did you know that the exotic peacock bass resided in South Florida? If you are looking to catch some quality and hard-fighting peacock bass, take a vacation to Miami, FL. Miami is one of the BEST spots to catch these exotics. Constant warm weather allows for these wonderful species to grow. Hop on board with one of our local experts and enjoy a male peacock bass fishing adventure of a lifetime!

Peacock bass can be quite elusive. You can target this species with artificial or live bait. The most successful method to catch large peacock bass is live domestic shiners. If you have never used live bait, you have to give it a try. Our local experts are the way to go when it comes to catching the bass you are after. Years of experience have allowed them to get you on fish quicker.

Check out this Miami Peacock Bass Fishing Update:

Captain Joe Gruny had the pleasure of fishing with longtime repeat clients Craig and his two sons Brandon and Joel. They were traveling to South Florida looking to crush some peacock bass. The location of choice for them was in Miami’s Airport Lakes. Peacock bass thrives in this destination and you can catch some big numbers.

Male Peacock Bass Fishing 5Craig, Brandon, and Joel had an amazing time on the water with Captain Joe. They crushed some peacock bass with over 25 in the boat. Also, they caught 7 cichlids and 2 largemouth bass. The next day they were adventuring out into the Everglades to catch more largemouth bass and peacock bass.

The annual 2-day fishing adventure with Craig and his two sons continues in the Florida Everglades at Mile Marker 41. Everglades fishing this time of year is off the chain. These guys caught more bass than you can imagine. Captain Joe lost count of the amount of peacock bass and largemouth bass they caught. Artificial lures came in clutch for largemouth bass and the peacocks were still chewing the live bait.

Captain Joe is looking forward to their next adventure next year right here in sunny Florida. These guys had a blast and are always excited to come back to this beautiful place.

It was not long after this fishing trip that Captain Joe was back on the water in Miami. Airport Lakes has been producing exceptionally well lately. He had the pleasure of fishing with Trevor, Zack, and their father. They wanted to visit Miami for all the beautiful things to see as well as to catch peacock bass.

South or North Great

Male Peacock Bass Fishing 2The peacock bass was biting and these guys had a great time catching them. They caught a monster peacock bass weighing over 5 pounds on this fishing trip. The bite did not stop there as they caught two jaguar cichlids that were both over 13 inches long and over 1.5 pounds. Miami’s Airport Lakes is a fantastic location to catch a wide variety of species while soaking up the sun and sights.

Trevor, Zack, and their Father couldn’t ask for a better day on the water. Captain Joe is looking forward to exploring what their next adventure brings in the near future!

If you are looking for some exceptional bass fishing, South Florida is the way to go. Every adventure is a new one and is quite unique. You never know what you will catch and experience. Miami is filled with a lot of great species to catch and our local experts can get you on them all year long. Bring your friends and family along for a fishing adventure of a lifetime!

Come Visit Florida and Catch Yours Today

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