May Big Exotic Fishing Charters in South Florida for Peacock Bass

May Big Exotic Fishing

Did you know that there were exotic species in South Florida? One of the most common freshwater exotic species is the peacock bass. South Florida is filled with endless waterways that can keep you active all trip long. When you adventure out peacock bass fishing, you have the opportunity to catch a wide variety of species. Hop on board for a May big exotic fishing charter right here in sunny South Florida for a fishing adventure of a lifetime!

A key factor to having success on your fishing charter in Florida is a local expert. You will have a difficult time locating and understanding the behavior of each particular species. When you are on the water daily, you tend to learn and figure them out. Save your time and explore the South Florida waters with one of our local experts that will get you on fish all trip long.

Here is your Miami Peacock Bass Fishing Update:

Captain Joe Gruny had the pleasure of fishing with Jim and Siggy. They were traveling from Naples, FL to catch big peacock bass. Even though you can fish for peacock bass in Naples, Miami is most certainly the place to visit if you are looking for larger fish. Peacock bass was on their bucket list and Captain Joe made sure to fulfill their expectations and then some.
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Miami, FL did not disappoint on this fishing trip out of Airport Lakes. Jim and Siggy caught over 20 peacock bass on their fishing trip. It was anchored by a beautiful 5-pound peacock bass. You truly can’t beat the action here in South Florida. All the bass were caught with live bait. Live bait is the most successful method to catch peacock bass.

Jim and Siggy had a fantastic time on the water. Captain Joe is looking forward to fishing with them again next time!

Just shortly after this awesome fishing trip, Captain Robert Miley adventured out on the water on Miami’s Airport Lakes. He had the pleasure of fishing with Mike and Natalie traveling from Utah. They were visiting South Florida on vacation and wanted to explore the outdoors. Florida bass fishing was a great option and it was an excellent day of fishing.

The weather was warm and continued to get warmer throughout their fishing trip. Luckily the big peacock bass loves the warmth. Mike and Natalie had a blast catching peacock bass with over 25 fish caught. They caught 3 bass that was quite large weighing in at 4, 5, and 6 pounds. Most of the bass were caught with live bait but several bass came on artificial lures. Topwater and jerk baits were productive in landing some nice bass. Most of the peacock bass were bedding during this fishing trip making for a great opportunity to land some big fish.

Mike and Natalie had a great time fishing with Captain Bob and are looking forward to their next adventure!

Captain Bob was back on the water in no time. He had the pleasure of fishing with Rocco, his son Justin, and Jason. They were traveling from Canada looking to get in on some South Florida fishing while on vacation. The beautiful weather and outdoor activities are a pleasant draw for all travelers. Rocco and his family explore the Miami Airport Lakes on this fishing adventure. 

It was a great morning on the water. Rocco, Justin, and Jason caught 14 nice peacock bass on their fishing trip. The weather warmed up throughout the day keeping the action steady. The biggest fish caught on this fishing trip weighed in at 3 pounds. Everyone had a great time catching quality fish all trip long.

Captain Bob is looking forward to catching more bass with this family in the future!

Miami, FL is one amazing place to visit. While you are here soaking in the sun and enjoying your time on the beach, make sure to change things up. Florida bass fishing is a great way to do that. Explore the waters of South Florida with our local experts for a fishing charter you will not forget. We handle everything you will need for your fishing trip and look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

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