Super Hot Okeechobee Fishing for Florida Largemouth Bass

Super Hot Okeechobee Fishing

September is a hot month for the weather and the fishing here in Florida. Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing has been doing very well. Clean high water has allowed fishing to be explored in all areas of the lake. September might not be the best time to catch a big fish but it sure is the time to catch large numbers of them. Hop on board for some super hot Okeechobee fishing for Florida largemouth bass.

It is not every day that you get the opportunity to travel to Florida. When doing so, an outdoor experience should be a must. Florida outdoors can be an amazing experience for yourself or the whole family. Our vessels can accommodate your family and get everyone on the fish. Lake Okeechobee is a neat place filled with wildlife and lots of great fishing all year long.

In order to have success on the water, a local expert is essential. Lake Okeechobee is a massive lake with a lot of perfect waters to fish that don’t hold fish. A local expert, especially ours, stay on the fish so that when you are ready to come down and fish, you can catch instead of fish. Captain Dave Lauer is a local legend and expert out of Belle Glade, FL for catching Super Hot Okeechobee Fishing 1Okeechobee largemouth bass.

Captain Dave had the pleasure of fishing with Nick and his new wife Kenzie. They were traveling to Florida from Kansas City, Missouri for their honeymoon and wanted to get out on the water. One of the most affordable ways to do so is on a bass fishing trip. Captain Dave had them on the lake at the crack of dawn to capitalize on that strong early morning bite.

During the hot summer months, the best time to go fishing is in the morning. If you love to throw artificial baits, this is the time to go fishing. Nick and Kenzie had a blast catching largemouth on topwater baits. Artificial baits were the main focus of this trip. They caught over 20 fish on topwater baits, wacky worms, and flukes.

The slow presentation around grass mats and weed lines made for a strong bite. Fish do not have sunglasses so they use the structure as ambush points and cover. If you present the bait just right, they will come out and eat. You have to get your baits tight to cover to make it happen. Nick and Kenzie got the hang of it rather quickly helping them put the fish in the boat.

Nick and Kenzie had a great time catching bass on this fishing trip. Captain Dave is looking forward to their next fishing adventure in the near future!

Water levels are up and now is a good time to come fishing. Once the first cold fronts roll through, that is when the action will really pick up. Fortunately, you can run and fish almost anywhere you want. This might make fishing more difficult for a weekend angler but helps keep things interesting for the local expert. They are now able to fish in areas they couldn’t.

Lake Okeechobee is looking beautiful and will continue that way. It is filled with nature that you can witness while reeling in fish. You truly can’t beat the action or scenery on this amazing lake. We hope to get the chance to see you on the water next time!

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