Summer Everglades Bass Fishing in South Florida with Local Experts

Summer Everglades Bass Fishing

Every day brings about a new adventure here in South Florida. Locals, travelers, visitors, and families are flocking to this beautiful destination to go on vacation. While they are here, getting in the outdoors is a must. One of the most magical places to explore is the Florida Everglades. Hop on board for a summer Everglades bass fishing adventure of a lifetime with our local experts!

Summer Everglades Bass Fishing 1One of the best ways to experience Florida is by cruising down the canals of the Everglades. Let the wind hit your face, the birds fly overhead, and the alligators swim along the banks. Every trip is a true adventure and will bring you a unique perspective on your vacation. Bring your friends and family along while everyone on board catches peacock bass and largemouth bass.

Check out all that you can experience in this Everglades Bass Fishing Update:

Adam and Andrea traveled all the way from Toronto, Canada on vacation in South Florida. Captain Joe Gruny had the pleasure of taking them on an Everglades fishing adventure. The most productive spot lately has been at Mile Marker 41 on Alligator Alley. Whether you want to catch peacock bass or largemouth bass, this location has it all.

If you love constant action, the Everglades is perfect for you. Adam and Andrea caught lots of cookie-cutter fish in the 1-2 pound range. In between catches, they also caught several bass in the 3-pound range. Most of the bass came on Bass Assassin soft plastic fat job or the forked tail shad. Topwater baits including the Berkley Cane Walker also produced some excellent bites.

Adam and Andrea had a fantastic time catching bass all trip long. Captain Joe is looking forward to their next adventure on their next vacation here in Florida!

Summer Everglades Bass Fishing 3Just shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Rick Mitchell ventured out into the Everglades. He had the pleasure of fishing with Tom, his father, and Tom’s son. They were traveling from New York looking to enjoy some Florida sunshine. While doing so, they wanted to explore what Florida bass fishing was all about.

It surely was an awesome day of fishing at Mile Marker 41. The abundance of wildlife and nature made it a true fishing adventure. Tom and his family caught over 12 fish on their quick 4-hour fishing adventure. Half of those fish were peacock bass and half were largemouth bass. The biggest peacock bass weighed close to 3.5-pounds. The biggest largemouth was close to 4 pounds.

They may not have caught massive numbers but the quality was most certainly there. Most of the peacock bass came on live bait and the rest came on artificial bait. Tom and his family had a great time fishing and are looking forward to their next adventure soon!

If you are visiting Summer Everglades Bass Fishing and are looking for the ultimate adventure, the Florida Everglades is your destination. There is so much to see and experience here in South Florida. The Everglades holds some of the best fishing in the state especially when you are looking for big numbers. We hope to see you on the water next time with our local experts on your next vacation to Florida!

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