Summer Big Bass Fishing Charter in Central Florida

Summer Big Bass Fishing

Florida Bass Fishing is by far one of the BEST ways to experience the outdoors. Central Florida happens to be home to hundreds of lakes that produce exceptional bass fishing all year long. Don’t count out the warm summer months when looking to catch bass. Every trip will produce something unique and you can still have a chance at catching some big bass. Hop on board for some summer big bass fishing on your next visit to Central Florida.

Big bass can be quite elusive during the warmer months of the year. This does not mean you can’t catch them. Getting on the water with a local expert is absolutely one of the most important aspects of having success. If you want to have a great time fishing in Central Florida, our local experts can provide it. Years of experience have led to learning and applying the tactics that help you land the fish of your dreams.

Check out this Central Florida Bass Fishing Update to see what you can get yourself into:
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Captain Brent Nelson had the pleasure of fishing with repeat clients Rodney and Alec Poland. This father-son duo loves to share time together on the water. Not only do they love spending quality time with each other, but they also love catching big bass. That is why every time they travel to Florida, they spend at least 2 days on the water with Captain Brent.

Rodney and Alec had a two-day adventure in Central Florida. The first day of fishing was absolutely fantastic. Captain Brent took them on a fishing trip on Lake Toho. Lake Toho Bass Fishing has been hot this year and will continue to get better. It was an afternoon trip which made conditions a little bit warmer than usual. That did not stop the largemouth from biting though!

Summertime calls for rain and storms so dress and bring attire appropriate for your fishing charter. Rodney and Alec aren’t afraid of the weather down here which helps them find success on their trip. They caught over 15 largemouth bass with the largest weighing in at 6.60 pounds. Most of the fish were taken on wild-caught live shiners. They also caught several bass on swim jigs and speed worms.

The main structure that produces the best fishing is the submerged hydrilla on the main lake. You can’t beat the action on Lake Toho recently. Rodney and Alec were excited about this trip and were looking forward to day 2.
Summer Big Bass Fishing 2
The next day, Captain Brent took Rodney and Alec to a special lake called Kenansville Lake. This time it was an 8-hour fishing charter that was split with artificial baits and live bait. Most of the bass were caught around hydrilla and water hyacinths.

Kenansville Lake, unfortunately, was very muddy and the fishing conditions were not the best. This was a result of FWC spraying and water management. Fortunately though, when you adventure out with a local expert, they know where the bass is.

Rodney and Alec had a blast catching several bass in the 5-6 pound range even with the fishing being tougher than normal. The artificial bite consisted of sencos and topwater frogs. Nothing beats switching things up and catching bass with a variety of different tactics.

Captain Brent is always looking forward to getting Rodney and Alec back on his boat. They have spent some time together and have caught some big bass. Till next time!

Don’t miss out on your Central Florida bass fishing adventure. The bite is starting and has been very good. It is only going to continue to get better. The summer bite has been fantastic and once the air temperatures cool, the even bigger bass will bite. We hope that you get the chance to catch the fish you are after. Getting in the outdoors when you visit Florida is a must and we would be honored to show you around our backyard. See you on the water next time!

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