Miami Trophy Largemouth Fishing While Florida Peacock Bass Fishing

Miami Trophy Largemouth Fishing

Miami, FL is one of the best places to soak up the sun in Florida. After spending time on the beaches, shopping, or checking out the views, you can uncover what Miami is truly all about. Getting in the outdoors is a must when visiting this beautiful destination in South Florida. Fishing is a fantastic way to do so, especially for freshwater bass. You just never know what you will catch in Florida while Miami trophy largemouth fishing. Hop on board and see what you can get yourself into!

Miami Trophy Largemouth Fishing 2If there is one thing certain, Miami, Florida is a vast place with a lot to experience. Every trip, every adventure, creates memories that will last a lifetime. Florida Bass Fishing is one of the best ways to explore the waters of urban Miami. The freshwater systems are thriving with nature and fish under the surface. Cruise through the backwaters and catch a number of different species including peacock bass and largemouth bass with our local experts.

A local expert is essential when looking to have success fishing in Miami. Captain Robert Miley spent many hours and days determining the best method to catch Florida peacock bass in Miami. If you are looking for someone to get you on the fish of a lifetime right here in Miami, Captain Miley is your guide.

Captain Robert Miley had the pleasure of fishing out on the Miami Airport Lakes. He had the ultimate pleasure of fishing with a father-son duo looking to catch some bass in Miami. Edgar and his son Braden ventured out on Airport Lakes while traveling from Virginia. Landing a peacock bass has been a dream of theirs.

Edgar is in the U.S. Navy and wanted to take his son on a vacation. Braden is in the 3rd grade and knows how to put the bass in the boat. Edgar and Braden both share a passion for fishing.
Fishing conditions were just right to produce an exceptional day on the water. The water management may be dropping the water down but that helped the bite on this fishing trip.

Miami Trophy Largemouth Fishing 3Edgar was a more experienced angler than you can expect and wanted to throw some artificial lures. Captain Miley suggested Yo-Zuri twitch baits and top waters to entice the ultimate bite. They wanted to test the Captain’s skills but those skills shined through as they always do.

This father-son duo caught a number of fish on this fishing charter. They landed peacock bass up to 3 pounds. As well, they landed a largemouth bass. Generally, you don’t catch largemouth in the Miami Airport Lakes. You also don’t usually see them in trophy proportions. Braden landed a Miami trophy largemouth bass weighing in at 8.5 pounds. It was a trip that all participants will never forget.

Edgar and his son Braden could not have had a better experience fishing in Miami, FL. Unexpected big bass are always a positive and fun addition to a fishing adventure. You truly never know what you will catch when exploring the waters of Miami. Captain Miley is looking forward to fishing with this father-son duo again in the near future!

Big bass fishing is about to begin. Whether looking for largemouth or peacock bass, you can begin to catch some beautiful fish when the weather begins to cool. When looking to travel to South Florida, make sure you keep fishing in mind. It can truly transform the way you experience what Florida has to offer. We urge you to bring along your family members, especially young kids. Getting your kids hooked on fishing can alter their path in life in such a positive way. We hope to get the chance to show you a fishing experience and adventure you will never forget; see you on the water next time!

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