Naples Family Bass Fishing Trip for Florida Peacock Bass

Naples Family Bass Fishing Trip

Naples, FL is a beautiful place to visit on the southwest coast of Florida. Every day and year, you can experience something unique and new. One of the most exciting ways to explore Naples is on a bass fishing charter. Did you know peacock bass reside in Naples? Come enjoy a Naples family bass fishing trip to create memories worth a lifetime.

Peacock bass are a fun species to catch. Hard-fights and colorful patterns make it a must-catch for many anglers. When visiting the Paradise Coast, you can have the opportunity at catching some beautiful fish all trip long.

Our local experts are the most integral part of having success on the water. Years of experience have allowed them to dial in on the action. When you step aboard, everything will be taken care of for you. Sit back and relax while our experts put you on some great fishing.

Check out this Naples Bass Fishing Update with our local experts:

Meet Jessica and her family, they were traveling to southwest Florida on vacation. While doing so, they thought that freshwater bass fishing would be a great experience. They embark on a two boat fishing adventure with Captain Mark Rogers and Nick Pasquarello.

A chilly breeze was present during the early morning hours of this fishing trip. When this occurs, the peacock bass tends to bite slower. As the day heated up, so did the action!

The most productive bait on this fishing trip was live domestic shiners. Partly cloudy skies and some early afternoon winds pushed bait in key points allowing everyone to catch fish.

This was the first time catching peacock bass for everyone on board. It is always extra rewarding when the fish you are after is a first!

Jessica and her family had a great time on this two-boat fishing adventure. Captain Mark and Nick are looking forward to their next adventure soon.

Just shortly after this fishing trip, David and his good friend explored what the Golden Gate Canal System had to offer them. They were traveling from the southwest coast of Florida out of Punta Gorda.

After hearing about the Florida peacock bass fishing in Naples, they had to go explore it. Captain Rick Mitchell had the pleasure of fishing with them on this fishing trip. It was a productive day for peacock bass and largemouth bass.

Sunny and partly cloudy fishing conditions made for a good day. David and his friend caught over 15 bass on this fishing trip. Most of the fish were in the 2-3 pound range.

David and his good friend had a blast and are looking forward to their next adventure on the water with Captain Rick!

Come Visit Florida and Catch Yours Today!

Bass fishing all across Florida is really starting to heat up. Naples, FL happens to have access to some of the best fishing in general in the state. Whether you want to explore saltwater fishing or freshwater fishing, Naples has you covered.

Now is the time to make those reservations and explore what is to be offered. We would love to show you around. Our local experts will work hard to make the trip of your dreams a reality. Hope to see you on the water next time!

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