March Fishing Rodman Reservoir for Florida Trophy Largemouth Bass

March Fishing Rodman Reservoir

If there is one place in Florida to consistently catch trophy largemouth bass, it’s the Rodman Reservoir. This destination is breathtaking and holds some exceptional waters to land the biggest Florida largemouth bass of your life. March is going to be the BEST month to explore what this destination and fishery have to offer. Enjoy some March Rodman Reservoir Fishing on your next adventure to North Florida.
March Fishing is going to be on fire for some GIANT largemouth bass. Our local experts have been catching them, and the month is just starting. As the weather stabilizes and warming trends occur, fishing will improve. Spawning season is also here, so you can enjoy catching and releasing some large female bass.

Our local experts are the most important aspect of catching trophy largemouth bass on the Rodman Reservoir. The Reservoir is filled with floating debris and underwater structure that can damage your fishing vessel. Hiring a local expert with years of experience and knowledge will be the best way to explore the March Rodman Reservoir fishing.

Check out this Rodman Reservoir Fishing Update to see what you can get yourself into:

Fishing with Captain Ken Walker:

“I had the pleasure of fishing with Tyler, who was traveling from Georgetown, Massachusetts, to North Florida. While doing so, he wanted to land and catch some Florida largemouth bass. The Rodman Reservoir was the best place to do so, and we went out on a real bass fishing adventure.
Tyler had the chance to fish the Rodman Reservoir Drawdown, which is a particular time to fish. It occurs every 3-4 years and is a sight to be seen. You are fishing in water that is generally 10-15 feet higher in elevation. Tyler had a blast, especially catching big fish all trip long.

The Rodman showed its true colors on this fishing trip. Each bass Tyler caught was a new personal best. In the middle of his fishing trip, Tyler set the bar he will try to break for years. He caught his new best largemouth bass, weighing at 9 pounds 5 ounces. It was indeed a beautiful fish!

Tyler also enjoyed catching a monster’s long nose measuring 54 inches. He caught most of the species you could catch on his fishing adventure, with several largemouth bass in the 5-6 pound range.

Tyler had a great time fishing on the Rodman Reservoir, and I look forward to seeing him back next year!” – Captain Ken Walker.

Fishing with Captain David Lang

“Some of the best fishing trips are the ones where you spend multiple days with the client. I love getting to know them, laughing at jokes, and putting them on beautiful largemouth bass.

I had the great honor of fishing with Clyde and his good friend on a three-day bass fishing adventure. They were traveling from Washington, D.C, looking to explore what North Florida had to offer. We went out of the Reservoir and had a blast catching fish.

Sunny and beautiful weather all three days made for some productive fishing. Clyde and his friend caught right around 15 largemouth bass each day. When traveling to the Rodman Reservoir, big numbers aren’t what you are after. You generally come to this destination for big bass!
Clyde and his friend caught several largemouth bass in the 3-5 pound range. They also landed a giant largemouth bass weighing 7.5 pounds as well. It was fantastic to see their faces light up when this fish made it to the boat.

Live wild-caught shiners were the most effective method to catch bass on this fishing trip. You truly can’t beat the action on the Reservoir with live bait.

Clyde and his friend had a great time fishing and are looking forward to catching some more big bass next time!” – Captain David Lang.

Fishing with Captain Peter T

“One of my favorite fishing trips is exploring bass fishing with a husband and wife. The bonding that takes place over a fishing trip is magical.

I had the pleasure of fishing with Trenton and his wife, Kate. They traveled from Texas to cash in on some bass fishing here in North Florida. The Rodman Reservoir was the perfect place for them to come and explore.

Breezy and windy conditions made it an exciting day on the water. Luckily, I had a few spots that we could go to to protect us from the wind. These conditions will not stop the bass from biting all trip long.

Trenton and his wife had a blast catching over 20 Florida largemouth bass on live bait. They had 3 fish in the boat that weighed over 5 pounds. Kate caught the most powerful bass weighing 6 pounds 3 ounces. It was a fantastic day for the couple, and they could not have been happier!

I love spending time with fantastic people like this and look forward to our next adventure!” – Captain Peter T.

Fishing with Captain Chris Davy

“During the March Fishing Rodman Reservoir has been very productive for all anglers. Young or old, you can come out and have a blast landing bass after bass. This is one of my favorite fisheries to take clients out on the water.

I had the opportunity to fish with Davis and Alissa. They were traveling from North Carolina to enjoy a day on the water. Florida vacations always call for getting outdoors in any way possible. Bass fishing on the Rodman Reservoir is one exceptional way to do so.
It was a fun day of fishing for Davis and Alissa. They caught over 15 largemouth bass in their quick 4-hour fishing trip. Most of the fish weighed between 3 – 5 pounds. Alissa came in strong with a Trophy Florida largemouth bass weighing 8.6 pounds.

What a day on the water for all those that were involved. Rodman Reservoir Fishing calls for live bait, a successful way to bring fish to the boat.

I am looking forward to fishing with them again shortly!” – Captain Chris Davy.

Come Visit Gainesville and Catch Yours Today!!

If now is not the time to plan that trophy bass fishing adventure on the Rodman Reservoir, then we do not know when it will be. Big bass and trophy-sized bass will continue to be caught here in March. Our local experts work hard to ensure everyone on board has the best chance of landing their lives’ biggest bass. If you are not coming to explore this wonderful place for a giant largemouth, sit back and enjoy the nature and beauty of the Rodman Reservoir and maybe take in Fishing for Stripers.

We hope to have the opportunity to show you around on a successful day of March Fishing Rodman Reservoir Fishing right here in North Florida!

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