Family Rodman Reservoir Fishing for Florida Trophy Largemouth Bass

Family Rodman Reservoir Fishing

Are you looking to get away into some warmer weather? Are you seeking the ultimate bass fishing experience? Explore what the Rodman Reservoir in North Florida has to offer on your next visit to Florida. This beautiful destination holds some excellent waters for trophy largemouth bass fishing. If you are looking for that giant bass, this is your fishery. Hop on board with one of our local experts for a fishing adventure of a lifetime while Family Rodman Reservoir Fishing.

One of the most challenging parts about fishing this Reservoir is knowing where to go. The whole fishery looks absolutely amazing but many of the places you would fish might not be holding fish. Our local experts stay on the fish all year long. If you are looking for an awesome fishing experience you have to get on the water with Captain Ken Walker or David Lang.

Here is your Rodman Reservoir Fishing Update:

Family Rodman Reservoir Fishing 2Captain Ken Walker had the pleasure of fishing with Jim and his buddy Steve. Jim was a fellow Air Force Veteran which was an added bonus for Captain Ken. They got to share memories from their time serving our country and we are super thankful for all that they do for our nation. Jim and Steve were traveling to Florida on vacation looking to spend some time on the water. The Rodman Reservoir was the perfect place.

Jim and Steve got a late start to their fishing due to thunderstorms early. While fighting off strong winds, they landed 10 quality largemouth bass. Jim caught the biggest fish of the day weighing in at 7.5 pounds. Steve was right behind him with a nice 6-pound largemouth.

Jim and Steve had a fantastic time on the water. They will be back for more incredible fishing action in the near future. Captain Ken is looking forward to their next adventure!

The Adventures Continue

Just shortly after that fishing trip, Captain David Lang adventured out on the Rodman Reservoir. He had the pleasure of fishing with Tim, his wife, and his son. This was a bass fishing charter that Tim wanted to experience with his family while traveling to Florida on vacation. Family Rodman Reservoir Fishing 4

The weather was beautiful even though the winds were still blowing. Everyone on the boat caught multiple fish. The total for the day came out to be 14 largemouth bass. Tim and his son caught personal best with the biggest bass weighing 6.5 pounds. When you come and fishing the Rodman Reservoir, you can expect some big bass on your fishing trip especially this time of year.

Tim, his wife, and his son had a great time in the outdoors while exploring North Florida. Captain David Lang is looking forward to their next adventure in the near future!

It was not long after this fishing trip that Captain Ken was back out on Rodman. This time he has the pleasure of fishing with Chris and Don Peer. They were a father-son duo traveling on vacation from South Carolina. It was a big bass frenzy on this fishing trip and you could not ask for more.

Unbelievable Experience

Family Rodman Reservoir Fishing 3 When you are looking to experience the Rodman Reservoir, this is the trip you are after. Chris caught 3 Trophy largemouth bass on this fishing trip. He caught an 8.4, 8.12, and an 8.14-pound bass. Dad, Ron caught his own big bass weighing in at 7.14 pounds. At the end of the trip, Ron also caught a GIANT largemouth weighing in at 9 pounds. They also caught several smaller fish but Captain Ken lost count.

Everything lined up on this fishing trip. The weather was just right for a strong feed. Chris and Don are looking forward to coming back in the future to crush more largemouth bass!

You never know what is going to bite on the end of your line when Rodman Reservoir Fishing. Now is the time of year to come to explore what Florida Bass Fishing has to offer. Make sure you check out the Rodman Reservoir on your next hunt for trophy largemouth bass. Our local experts will work hard for you to get you on the bass. We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

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