Lake Okeechobee Keeper Fishing Charters with Local Experts

Lake Okeechobee Keeper Fishing

Lake Okeechobee Keeper Fishing 6Lake Okeechobee is one of the most unique fisheries in the state of Florida. If you are a bass fisherman, this lake is most likely on your bucket list. It has incredible potentials all year long but this time of year is an excellent time to come explore. Low water levels have pushed bass into deeper water and easier to target. Come enjoy a Lake Okeechobee Keeper Fishing Charter on your next visit to Florida!

When it comes to Lake Okeechobee fishing this time of year, you have to get on the water with a local expert. They have years of experience and it is critical when the water is low. They know how to navigate and where the fish are moving. If you are looking for the ultimate bass fishing experience on Lake Okeechobee, these captains and guides are the way to go!

Here is your Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Update:

Lake Okeechobee Keeper Fishing 4Captain Robert Alfano had the pleasure of fishing with Jason Godfrey and his family. They were looking to get out on Lake Okeechobee to catch some largemouth bass. Clewiston was the best destination for them as the bass were on the outside edges and weed lines. The East wall of Clewiston is a productive spot for anglers to catch bass all year long.

Jason and his family traveled from Michigan to experience this beautiful lake and it blessed them. Captain Rob put them on over 20 largemouth bass in their short trip. The winds were blowing making it an interesting day on the water. Everyone had fun and Captain Rob is looking forward to getting back on the water with this lovely family in the near future!

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Rick Mitchell had the pleasure of fishing with Antonio and his son. They were traveling to Florida to experience Lake Okeechobee. While visiting from Massachusetts and staying in South Florida, Lake Okeechobee was a must. Belle Glade, FL was the closest location for them to get out on the lake. Captain Rick took them on an adventure out of Slims Fish Camp. Lake Okeechobee Keeper Fishing 5

They caught 6 largemouth bass on artificial baits on their short fishing trip. The most productive baits on this fishing trip were soft plastic worms, rattle traps, and flukes. Antonio and his son caught bass up to 3 pounds and will be back in the near future for more bass fishing action!

Captain Rick is looking forward to their next adventure!

Lake Okeechobee Keeper Fishing 7 It was not long after this fishing trip that Captain Rick was back on Lake Okeechobee. This time he adventured out of Okeechobee City. He had the pleasure of fishing with Jason and his son Jake and his friend Cody. The action was hot and heavy with artificial lures. Flukes, senkos and spinner baits came in handy on this fishing trip. Jason, Jake, and Cody landed over 30 largemouth bass on artificial baits and only one bass on wild-caught shiners.

They could not have been happier to have a day on the water like this one. Bass fishing is getting better by the day and they will be back for more. Captain Rick is looking forward to getting them on even better fish!

Clewiston legend and Captain Mark Shepard was out on the water shortly after looking for some quality largemouth bass. He had the pleasure of fishing with long-time repeat client Jim Robertson. It was another blessed day on Lake Okeechobee with numbers of bass in the boat. Jim wanted to get on and off the water but enjoy every moment. They adventured out for a quick 4-hour fishing charter on a beautiful day on Lake Okeechobee. The sun was shining and the bass were biting. Lake Okeechobee Keeper Fishing 1

Lake Okeechobee Keeper Fishing 3 Jim caught several bass over 3 pounds with the best being close to 5 pounds. It was a great day and Jim will be back for more in the near future!

The next day, Captain Mark Shepard was back at it out of Belle Glade, FL. He had the pleasure of fishing with extra long-time repeat clients Art and David. They were back here on Lake Okeechobee looking to experience some excellent bass fishing for two days. Lake Okeechobee blessed them with some amazing fish with both artificial and live bait. The majority of fishing was on artificial lures. Wow Factor Crank Baits and topwater baits came in strong with several bass over 5 pounds.

Lake Okeechobee Keeper Fishing 2Art and Dave had a great time as always with Captain Mark. Captain Mark is looking forward to their next adventure on the water!

Finally, Captain Rick had the pleasure of fishing with Craig and his son out of Okeechobee City, FL. This awesome father-son duo was traveling from Wisconsin looking to get into some warmer weather. Lake Okeechobee was on the list of outdoor adventures they wanted to embark on. The most successful method on this fishing trip was fishing with wild-caught live shiners. Craig and his son caught some great numbers on their 6-hour fishing trip putting two bass over 5 pounds in the boat. Along with these quality bass, they also caught a largemouth bass in the 3-4 pound range.

Captain Rick is looking forward to fishing with Craig and his son again in the near future!

Don’t miss out on your Lake Okeechobee bass fishing adventure. Now is a great time to come fishing and see what you can get yourself into! Our local experts can show you how to catch the biggest bass of your life. We look forward to fishing with you and seeing you on the water next time!

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