June Trophy Peacock Bass Fishing Charters in Miami Florida

June Trophy Peacock Bass Fishing

When the weather gets warm here in South Florida, the one outdoor activity you must experience is Peacock Bass Fishing. June Trophy Peacock Bass Fishing will have you continuously coming back to Florida for more action. Miami is by far the best location to cash in on the action. These exotic species can provide you with a fight of a lifetime.

Peacock Bass are an exotic species that was introduced to South Florida. They originate in South America where the weather is warm all year long. The strain that was introduced was the Butterfly Peacock Bass are some of the most exciting species to catch when it comes to bass fishing. When you set the hook into one of these giants, you will forever be hooked.
June Trophy Peacock Bass Fishing
Miami, Florida is home to TROPHY peacock bass fishing. Since the weather is consistently warm, the bass thrives. If you are looking for quality peacock bass and want big numbers as well, travel to Miami. Local experts especially Captain Robert Miley have keyed in on areas that produce the best fish possible. It takes years of experience to truly figure out how to catch these elusive bass whether on artificial baits or live.

Miami International Airport Lakes was one of the first fisheries that saw an introduction of this species. After this, they spread across South Florida like wildfire. Freddy and Erica were traveling from New York and always wanted to catch peacock bass. They were in-store for a fishing trip they would never forget.

Freddy and Erica were looking for a vacation from their work as managers at Home Depot and Rite Aid Pharmacy. The adventure out with Captain Miley for a quick 4-hour fishing trip with a slow start and a strong finish. When you come fishing in Miami, you never know what will bite the end of your line.

Freddy and Erica caught 10 peacock bass but it wasn’t the numbers that mattered. Freddy landed a 6 pound peacock bass which was an absolute trophy fish. Erica also landed a trophy weighing in at 5 pounds. Those were the biggest bass they had ever caught. Also, they were absolutely amazed and stunned at how hard those bass fought.

Captain Miley is looking forward to another outstanding fishing charter next time Freddy and Erica come to visit on vacation.

In addition to Airport Lakes, another legendary fishery for Florida Peacock Bass Fishing is just further south. Deep in urban Miami, you will find The Falls Canal System where your adventure is endless as you wind through the backyards of beautiful homes into hidden lakes and coves holding excellent water for bass fishing.

Danielle and her son Cayden were traveling from West Virginia on vacation. Danielle wanted to get Cayden a fishing trip for his birthday. After reviewing all the amazing work that Captain Miley puts out, she knew that Peacock Bass Fishing in Miami would be the best gift. What better way to spend time away from being a Biology teacher than to get in the outdoors and experience nature at its works.

Cayden landed a GIANT South Florida Trophy Peacock Bass for his birthday. It weighed 7.67 pounds. You don’t get to land, see or reel in that size bass every day. The fact that it was a peacock bass was also an even bigger delight. Danielle also landed her own trophy weighing in at 5 pounds. Anything over 4.5 pounds is a trophy peacock bass but these bass were legendary.

They caught a total of 20 peacock bass on their short 4-hour fishing trip. One of the best parts about being a guide for Captain Miley is the ability to share so much excitement. It is super rewarding for our Captains to put our clients on big bass. Captain Miley is looking forward to fishing with this lovely family again in the future.

If you are looking to catch some of these Monster Peacock Bass, contact us here at Bass Online. Our local experts will put you on big bass all trip long. Don’t miss out on your adventure this June. June Trophy Peacock Bass Fishing is almost done and it is your time to shine. We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

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