June Florida Bass Fishing for Largemouth and Peacock Bass

June Florida Bass Fishing

June Florida Bass Fishing 1Are you looking for the ultimate fishing destination? South Florida is one of the best places to explore and visit. When I was a kid traveling to Florida, the only thing I wanted to do was get in the outdoors. Florida Bass Fishing was the best way I could do that. I truly want to be honest with you, I urge you to experience the incredible resources here in South Florida as I know it will be a life-changing experience.

Our local experts are the best bass fishing captains in the state of Florida. If you are looking for quality or quantities of largemouth or peacock bass, we can get you on them. Years of experience have led them to be able to accomplish any of your fishing dreams. For many, that would be catching the exotic peacock bass. When you visit South Florida, our experts can get you on the fish of a lifetime.

Check out this Florida Bass Fishing Update in South Florida:

The Florida Everglades is an exceptional place to explore and catch a variety of different species. Captain Nick Pasquarello had the pleasure of fishing with Tom on a bass fishing charter. Tom was traveling from Chicago looking to knock off this bucket list fish, the peacock bass. This adventure took place at Mile Marker 41 on Alligator Alley where the peacock bass and largemouth bass roam free.

June Florida Bass Fishing 2Tom caught a number of peacock bass and largemouth bass on this fishing trip. When it comes to peacock bass, live bait is always the best. You can catch them on artificial baits but most of the best catches come from live bait. Tom had a blast catching bass weighing up to 5-pounds.

Captain Nick is looking forward to fishing with Tom again in the near future!

It wasn’t long after this fishing trip that Captain Joe Gruny was out exploring South Florida. He had the pleasure of fishing with BJ and Sabrina for two days. Their first adventure took them to the Florida Everglades. Captain Joe wanted them to experience the power and nature of the Florida Everglades.

BJ and Sabrina had a great day catching bass. Every stop and spot produced a number of largemouths. The Everglades is notorious for producing cookie-cutter fish. Most of the bass caught were within 1-2 pounds. They caught more bass than they could keep track of. The next stop was for peacock bass in Miami!

Peacock bass was one of the species that was on BJ and Sabrina’s bucket list. Captain Joe took them down to Miami’s Airport Lakes and got them on some excellent peacock bass fishing. The action has been red hot here in South Florida for peacock bass. Now is the time to enjoy a day of peacock bass fishing when the water is warm.

June Florida Bass Fishing 4BJ really wanted to catch peacock bass and Captain Joe made it happen. Most of the trip was filled with smaller class fish until the action picked up. BJ landed a beautiful and large peacock bass weighing in at 5.5 pounds. It was what he wanted to accomplish coming to South Florida.

BJ and Sabrina had a great time fishing in Florida for bass. Captain Joe is looking forward to next year for their next fishing adventure!

Florida bass fishing is on the rise and the action is getting good. Whether you want to catch peacock bass or largemouth bass, you have a lot of fun right here in South Florida. Our local experts are the most integral part of having success and catching the fish you are after. We hope to have the pleasure of showing you around and creating a memory you will never forget!

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