Bucket List Fishing Adventures

Bucket List Fishing Adventures

Florida is one of the most remarkable places to explore multiple different species of bass. The fishing here is world renown and Bucket List Fishing Adventures is an experience we wish for you to have.

Today I had the pleasure of fishing with Clara traveling from California. She wanted to knock a couple of things off her bucket list while she was here.

She wanted to explore what South Florida really had to offer. We went out and explored beautiful Lake Ida to catch the elusive peacock bass.

Clara was very excited to finally get to experience what that was like. Palm Beach County treated her well with a number of quality peacock bass in the boat.

While we started out up North, many of the better fish came from down South. It was one of the better days of fishing I have had in a while. We caught bass up to 3 pounds and she was surprised at how hard they fought.

I am looking forward to fishing with Clara again in the future and if you want to knock peacock bass off your bucket list, come venture south and fish with us today!

Come Catch Yours Today with Captain Kirk Osborne on beautiful Lake Ida.

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It all started in 1969 when my father started taking us to the Everglades to go fishing. First, it was small panfish, but then one of my best memories. It was when my dad took an old worm(motor oil green) off of his hook and put it on my pole I caught a 4 pounder and it was then I was hooked on Bass Fishing.


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