Insane Florida Bass Fishing Charter for Peacock Bass in Miami Florida

Insane Florida Bass Fishing Charter

You’re sitting on your recliner in Louisiana and want to plan a vacation. Palm trees, sunshine, and beautiful beaches come to mind. As your thoughts slowly travel to Miami, FL, you wonder what else can you experience. After a quick Google search for Things to Do in Miami, you come across freshwater fishing. It is not every day that you get the chance to do this, especially for exotic peacock bass. You pull the trip and hope to enjoy an Insane Florida Bass Fishing charter that you will never forget.

Several weeks or months later, your wheels touch down in South Florida. After picking up your luggage, you walk out of the terminal of Miami’s International Airport. The heat and sun on your face make everything so much better. Your vacation has begun and you know that it is going to be a good one.

After calling an Uber, you begin to think about that Miami Peacock Bass Fishing adventure you set months earlier. Tomorrow happens to be the big day. Your expectations are high as you have watched many great YouTube videos about this amazing experience. Secondly, you selected the best guide service in the state along with the BEST Captain and local expert to explore the waters with.

Your loved one is by your side and ready to explore what there is to offer here in Miami. After settling into your hotel or resort, your phone rings. Captain Robert Miley is on the other end with a warm welcome to Miami, Florida. After getting to know you better, he gets you really excited about what tomorrow is going to bring. You were here for peacock bass fishing and it was about to deliver a trip that you could not even imagine.

Some of the best adventures are filled with surprises and unexpected hurdles. I guess this is why they call it an adventure and journey. Miami, FL, and especially the Miami Falls Canal System is a location that can most certainly deliver this. According to Captain Miley, this urban fishery has trophy peacock bass along with a wide variety of Florida species.

The alarm clock rings and it is time to get ready. You are out the door in minutes with excitement and anticipation for something great. You’re Uber is ready for you and you’re on the water to the meeting location. Finally, you are there and Captain Miley can not be missed with his wrapped truck and boat.

You follow him right around the corner and you are finally at the Miami Falls Canal System. Shortly after him getting everything ready and backing the boat in, you are off. A slow idle through the canal system approaches you to your first fishing spot. Once this occurs, get ready to feel the bite and set the hook into a hard-fighting peacock bass.

The Miami Bass Fishing Adventure:

Meet Micah and Kelsey, this was their adventure and what was about to unfold was something truly magical. It is not every day that this sequence of events unfolds. While taking a break from the oil fields and nursing, they were ready for their vacation. It was a 6-hour fishing trip jammed packed with action from the first cast to the last.

After getting to their first spot, Micah pitched his bait to a corner pocket in the limestone rock bank. Once the live bait hit the water, a peacock bass ate it up. Micah set the hook and the fish was a big one. It ran him right into a tree and broke off. Their goal was to catch big peacock bass and that was their first chance. Luckily, the day was just the beginning of an insane Florida bass fishing charter.

Shortly after this, Kelsey started to get some bites. She landed several nice peacock bass. Things cooled down and Captain Miley made a move to one of his big fish holes. It was not long after being in this spot that Kelsey has hooked up again. As she was fighting this fish, Micah got hooked up and had another giant peacock bass on.

Insane Florida Bass FishingWhen Captain Miley noticed this happening, he turned on his camera. As you can see in the above video, an intense amount of events unfolded. This big peacock bass wrapped itself around the trolling motor almost breaking itself off. Captain Miley made some quick maneuvers, grabbed the net, and netted the peacock bass.

Micah saw the fish in the net and had to get his hands on her. Once he did, his face lit up with amazement at the color of this gorgeous fish. Kelsey was on the back of the boat with a smaller peacock bass and couldn’t have been more excited to catch two fish at the same time. They were also really excited that Captain Miley captured this moment on video.

As you can imagine, this was a memorable trip for Micah and Kelsey. Florida bass fishing and the whole adventure that unfolded was everything they could have imagined plus more. They wanted to catch big bass and they most certainly got it.

In total, Micah and Kelsey caught 20 Florida peacock bass with the biggest caught by Micah weighing in at 5 pounds. This was a super good trip with a lot of great action. When you are looking to plan your peacock bass fishing adventure, this is what you hope for. Micah and Kelsey are most certainly looking forward to their next insane Florida bass fishing charter for peacock bass!

“In times of chaos, something amazing happens. Memories become solidified and you become present. Trips like the above are what I live for as a guide and I am so blessed on a daily basis to be able to provide exceptional trips to travelers and our clients here at Bass Online. I am looking forward to fishing with Micah and Kelsey on their next visit to South Florida.” – Captain Robert Miley

In Conclusion:

When it comes to fishing here in Florida, Miami is an amazing location to visit. Whether freshwater or saltwater, Miami has some incredible things to offer. Miami peacock bass fishing is a great experience and one you can get addicted to. Our local experts have years of experience that will help you get on the fish of a lifetime on an Insane Florida Bass Fishing Charter.

Captain Robert Miley will do everything in his power to make sure you have a great time on the water. Even in the midst of chaos, he will do his best to land that fish you are after. If you lean your ear into the wisdom and knowledge he will provide on your fishing trip, you will become a better angler and most likely catch the fish of a lifetime!
We hope to share a similar experience with you on the water in the near future!

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