Big Florida Peacock Bass Fishing Charters in South Florida

Big Florida Peacock Bass

South Florida dodged a major bullet this month as Hurricane Dorian was moving west. We are praying for the Bahamas and hope they have a speedy recovery. Florida Bass Fishing survived the Hurricane. In the upcoming weeks, one of the most exciting spawns are about to begin. The South Florida peacock bass begin to spawn. If you are looking for big Florida peacock bass fishing, now is the time to explore all that Florida has to offer.

Many visitors travel to South Florida not knowing the true outdoor capabilities. Hidden in the urban environment are beautiful canal and lake systems that hold excellent fishing all year long. You would be surprised at all the amazing fish you can catch. The exotic peacock bass are about to spawn giving you a chance to land a giant bass.

Our local experts are the only way to go when catching peacock bass. They have years of experience that has led them to help you get on the fish you are after. Certain techniques whether throwing artificial baits or live baits, you have to have to know how to present both of them. Our experts are locked in, especially Captain Robert Miley!

Check out this South Florida Peacock Bass Fishing Update:

Big Florida Peacock Bass 1Baldur and his sons were traveling from Long Island, NY on a South Florida vacation. Their whole vacation was surrounded by peacock bass fishing. They were making their rounds across the state and had to stop down in Miami to hunt down giant peacock bass. While staying in Key Largo, they hopped in the car and head further north toward Miami Falls Canal System.

This fishing trip and adventure were everything they could ask for. It was a really great day for Baldur and his sons. You just don’t catch quality peacock bass like this on every trip. They landed 15 peacock bass in their quick fishing trip with the biggest bass being a trophy. This fish weighed in at 7.25 pounds, measures 23 inches long, and 18 inches round. Most of the other fish were in the weight range of 3-4 pounds.

It was a tough fight for Baldur’s son. This big Florida peacock bass fight hard which makes them some of the most exciting fish to catch here in South Florida. They really enjoyed this fishing trip and are looking forward to their next adventure here in the near future!

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Miley was back out on the water. This time, he had the pleasure of fishing with Brandon and his wife traveling from Pennsylvania looking to soak up some Florida sun. While here, peacock bass fishing adventure stirred their interest. Hopping on board with Captain Miley, they knew they were in store for a great day on the water.

They ventured out on the Aerojet Canal System. This wonderful system holds some great bass fishing. It is also conveniently located near the Florida Keys. Brandon and his wife were on a quick 4-hr charter landing them numbers of beautiful peacock bass. They loved the fight and the thrill of the catch. Patience paid off for them with several catching in the 3-4 pound range. One even broke 5 pounds.

Big Florida Peacock Bass 2You can’t beat the Florida bass fishing right now especially the peacock bass. This is only a glimpse of what is to come. Captain Robert Miley is looking forward to another amazing trip with Captain Miley again in the near future!

If you are looking for an incredible fishing experience, now is the time to come. We hope you stayed safe during this storm and we hope to see you on the water soon. We dodge a massive storm and the bass fishing is going to come alive. Miami, FL is the best destination for peacock bass fishing in the United State. If you don’t want to leave the U.S. to land one, hop on board with one of our local experts and catch the fish of a lifetime!

Come Visit Florida and Catch Yours Today

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