Hot Water Bass Fishing in North Florida for Largemouth Bass

Hot Water Bass Fishing

It is summertime here in Florida but that doesn’t stop the bass from biting. Hot water bass fishing is the way to go if you are in search of some quality largemouth bass. North Florida is home to some excellent fishing all year long. The Rodman Reservoir is the most productive bass fishery in the state for extra-large bass. If you are looking for a trophy largemouth bass, this is the destination you want to visit!

Our local experts are fundamental to the success you have on the Reservoir. Navigation and finding big bass is the ultimate trick. Large stumps and floating debris make fishing this amazing place alone quite dangerous. Hop on board with our local experts and never have to worry about a thing. Not only will they get you to and from the boat ramp safely, but they will also put you on some trophy largemouth bass.
Hot Water Bass Fishing 2
Here is your Rodman Reservoir Fishing Update:

Captain Ken Walker had the pleasure of fishing with Ty and his wife Jackie. They also brought along their sons Finn and Max. One of their dream trips was to explore the Rodman Reservoir searching for the bass of their dreams. The bite was slower than normal with water temperatures rising.

Jackie wasn’t really interested in fishing and wanted her sons to catch the big bass. When you try to plan this, it never works out the way you want it to. Everyone caught quality largemouth bass but the big one wanted Jackie’s bait. After a great fight around logs and over stumps, Jackie landed the bass of a lifetime. It was a Rodman Reservoir monster weighing 11 pounds 7 ounces.

Ty, Jackie, Finn, and Max all had a great time fishing this incredible fishery. Captain Ken is looking forward to their next opportunity on the water to catch an even bigger fish!

Just shortly after this awesome fishing trip, Captain David Lang explored the waters of the Rodman Reservoir. He had the pleasure of fishing with Jeff who was traveling from Georgia in search of a great fishing adventure. It was a quick 4-hour fishing charter with a lot of great action. Wild-caught live shiners were the most successful method for putting the bass in the boat.
Hot Water Bass Fishing 1
Jeff enjoyed his day on the water boating over 15 bass. The biggest fish weighed in at a whopping 8 pounds 2 ounces. He also caught a 5.5-pound largemouth, 5 4 pound bass, along with a whole pile of 3-pound fish. The action was non-stop and Jeff is ready to rebook.

Captain David is looking forward to their next adventure on the water soon!

The Rodman Reservoir is alive and well. All year long you can catch the bass you are after. We would love to share this moment with you. Our local experts are the only way to go when it comes to catching big bass on this lake. We hope to see you on the water next time!

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