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Deep Everglades Bass Fishing

The Florida Everglades is a paradise for freshwater bass fishing. If you are looking for the ultimate adventure for the family, bass fishing can provide some exceptional memories. Fishing conditions are incredible in the Everglades and it is only going to get better. Come to explore a deep Everglades bass fishing charter with our local experts.

Our local experts spend many days and hours on the water. As a result, you can expect to have an awesome experience while fishing here in Florida. Largemouth bass dominates the waters here, especially in the Florida Everglades. Cruise down the canals with Captain Mike Groshon as he puts you on more fish than you can handle.
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Captain Mike Groshon enjoyed fishing with his repeat client and friend Chris Nunez. Many may know Chris for his incredible artwork and TV presence. Chris loves to go bass fishing during his downtime, and on this trip, he adventured deep into the Florida Everglades. Fishing here in Florida is a true outdoor experience worth traveling for.

When you fish for bass in the Everglades, you don’t have to wait long for a bite. The action is on fire, and the fish are biting. If you love to throw artificial baits, this is the destination for you. Topwater baits like spooks, chug bugs, frogs, and many more are exceptionally effective early in the morning. Once the bite slows down, you can throw flukes, worms, and senkco’s.

Non-Stop Action

Chris had an absolute blast fishing with Captain Mike. He caught several different species of all different sizes. Most of the fish you will catch in the Everglades will be largemouth bass. You can also catch cichlids, oscar, gar, mudfish, and even peacock bass depending on your fishing location. Chris boated big numbers of fish all trip long.
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Captain Mike is looking forward to their next fishing adventure here in Florida out of Holiday Park!

Just shortly after that awesome fishing trip, Captain Mike adventured out into the Everglades again. This time the Peacemaker family put in some work on the largemouth bass. They were traveling to Florida to spend some time in the outdoors. While they were here, they adventured out on several fishing charters with us here at Bass Online.

One of the many trips was a two-boat fishing adventure with Captain Wayne Fellows. They adventured out into one of the most breathtaking destinations for bass fishing. If you are looking to experience wildlife, including exotic birds, native birds, alligators, and many other native creatures, while catching bass, the Everglades is the perfect destination.
Deep Everglades Bass Fishing
The Peacemaker family had a great time spending time outdoors. It was an absolute slam fest for them, with numbers reaching over 100. If you want non-stop action, the Everglades is the place to go. Throw some artificial baits and have the day and trip of a lifetime with the family.

More on Capt Mike

Captain Mike and Wayne are looking forward to their next fishing trip in the future!

Come to explore all that South Florida has to offer while getting out in the Everglades. Water conditions are perfect for a great time on the water. Get your family addicted to the outdoors and bass fishing on this fishing trip. When they catch fish after fish, they will beg to return for more. We look forward to fishing with you in the future!

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50x50 Mike Groshon About Captain Mike Groshon He was raised in Northern Virginia, he grew up fishing lakes and rivers in Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia, then like most, headed south for warmer weather and bigger fish! Among playing music and racing cars, Mike always had a love for fishing. Mike is married with two children and a real all-around nice guy. He and his family moved to Florida to follow Mike’s dream of becoming a fishing guide on Lake Okeechobee. Mike is sponsored by Columbia, Bass Assassin Lures, Abu Garcia, Fitzgerald Rods.


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