Current Central Florida Fishing Report for Florida Largemouth Bass

Current Central Florida Fishing

Wondering where the best bass fishing in the state of Florida is? Welcome to Central Florida, home to numerous freshwater lakes and systems that hold incredible largemouth bass fishing. This green fish can truly change how you perceive the outdoors. There is nothing like setting the hook and getting a pull on the end of the line. After that, your heart will begin to beat as that fish begins to jump out of the water. This is what you can expect with our local experts and guides on a current Central Florida fishing charter.

Central Florida is one amazing and beautiful fishing destination. There is something truly special about it which is why we love it so much. The ability to enjoy a day at the theme parks and then hop on board a fishing vessel and land a big bass is something magical. You never know what you are going to encounter when traveling to this destination. The amount of wildlife and great fishing can lead you to one of the best adventures you have ever taken.

Fishing in Central Florida can get overwhelming. Freshwater and largemouth bass are everywhere. It is hard to tell where, when, and what to throw at any given time. It takes years of on-the-water experience to determine the best methods along with learning to read the waters. When looking to determine how to become successful in these things, you have to confide in a mentor. If you ever get the chance to experience a Florida bass fishing charter with us, you can ask for mentorship with our local experts. They are always willing to provide valuable information on how to improve your fishing success.
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A freshwater current Central Florida fishing charter can put you in the position to learn more about fishing. It would allow you to dial in how to be successful catching bass this time of year. Generally, the late summer months can propose challenges to catch fish. Using the right technique and baits can enhance your opportunities to land more bass. YouTube is a great way to learn but putting it into practice is so much more important. Experience is what helps you grow as an angler.

Below, you will find a current Central Florida fishing report with our local experts. They highlight two fantastic destinations and fisheries in Central Florida. Lake Toho and Kenansville Lake are two incredible bass fishing locations to give you a taste of what Florida is all about. See most never get the chance to go on a Florida Fishing adventure. Largemouth bass are so plentiful in Central Florida that you would be silly not to experience them. You will get the chance to get a feel of what it would be like to fish these lakes and fisheries below in our current fishing report.

Current Fishing Report:

Keith, Grant, and John were traveling to Central Florida on vacation and wanted to catch some Florida largemouth bass. Bass fishing was the main focus in their travel plans while visiting from Minnesota. Captain Brent Nelson had the pleasure of fishing with them and showing them the grand tour of Central Florida. When traveling here, getting on the water especially freshwater is a must.

One of the best lakes in Central Florida is Lake Toho. This 35 square mile lake provides amazing bass fishing all year long. If you want to get out on a remote lake with an urban civilization still around, travel to Kissimmee, FL. Take a break from the theme parks and enjoy a ride on a modern fishing vessel comfortable for the whole family.

Keith, Grant, and John enjoyed a split-day fishing charter on the water. A split day is a charter that allows you to fish with artificial baits and live bait. If you want a mixture of learning and catching bass, this is a strategic way to go. Our local experts, especially Captain Brent Nelson is knowledgeable to get you on fish on both.
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September brings about a month of interesting patterns. It is a great month for catching largemouth bass on both live and artificial baits. These gentlemen caught 15 largemouths on wild-caught live shiners along with 10 on artificial baits. The most productive bait choice for artificial was the Z Man Chatterbait. The vibration and noise around submerged hydrilla are irresistible to hungry bass.

Keith, Grant, and John caught some big bass on this fishing trip. The biggest fish weighed in at 5 pounds. Grant caught a bass weighing 4.5 pounds on the second cast in the morning. Most of the largemouth bass caught on this fishing trip was caught over submerged hydrilla in main lake areas. The grass is the main structure that helps key in the bass and baits giving you the best possible chance to catch them. Focus on learning structure and you will land more bass when you are discovering new places.

Captain Brent is looking forward to fishing with these gentlemen again soon. Everyone aboard had a great time landing fish. Nothing beats some quality fishing in Central Florida.

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Captain John Leech had the pleasure of fishing with Jim looking to search down some summertime big bass. There is a hidden gem located in Central Florida that not too many travelers and fishermen know about. Kenansville Lake is an incredible fishing destination to land some beautiful largemouth bass. Jim can surely agree to this!

Jim had an amazing fishing trip to Kenansville. He was fishing solo while traveling here for the Florida bass fishing. Jim did not expect what he encountered during these warm summer months. Jim caught over 50 largemouth bass with the biggest one weighing in at 6.5 pounds. Captain John had the chance to land a fish weighing 5 pounds as well.
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It surely was a crazy bite. The bass wanted a slow presentation with soft plastics flukes. Letting the fluke sit on the bottom with small twitches drove the bass crazy. The bass were also eating topwater baits early in the morning. Jim had a fantastic time fishing on Kenansville Lake. Captain John is looking forward to fishing with him again in the near future!

Discover Central Florida Fishing:

One of the blessings about Central Florida Fishing, especially for largemouth bass is that the fishing is fantastic all year round. Every vacation can be enhanced with an outdoor activity. You don’t have to worry about getting a boat, or fishing equipment because when you hop on board, everything comes with your trip. The bass fishing and fishing, in general, will continue to get better as the cooler months approach us. We hope that you get the chance to discover Central Florida bass fishing on your next vacation to Florida. See you on the water next time!

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