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Lake-Hamilton in Arkansas

Lake Hamilton, AR, is a small 7,200-acre lake located south of Hot Springs, Arkansas. It boasts 300 miles of shoreline and a wood forest.

Regarding bass fishing, Hamilton Lake has nothing on the big Lake Ouachita or Lake Catherine. Still, it gains anglers’ attention because there are 30 fish species under the surface.

In this text, we unveil the ins and outs of the Lake Hamilton AR fishery, from species to tips and tricks. Keep reading to uncover more facts about this beautiful lake. 

Lake Hamilton AR Fishing Guide

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Lake Hamilton has over 30 registered species, but the general fish population comprises:

These are the most wanted fish or trophies among anglers. Hamilton Lake is known for the widespread tournaments that happen during the open season.

However, many anglers find it a nuisance to outsmart the fish in the lake because they try implementing fishing tactics that cater to Lake Ouachita or Lake Greeson—the more popular lakes in Arkansas.

Top Targeted Fish Species

Angler holding a largemouth bass and fishing rod
Northern Bass



Striped bass

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Fishing in Lake Hamilton

Andrew Hulsey Fish Hatchery did an excellent job stocking the reservoir. The study finds that each acre has at least one striped bass, largemouth bass, spotted bass, hybrid striped bass, trout, white crappie, white bass, bream, black crappie, blue catfish, yellow bass, channel catfish, but no smallmouth bass —statistically, no other reservoir in Arkansas names more fish per acre than Lake Hamilton.

However, such fish diversity poses a challenge for even the most experienced anglers because they can confirm that you must learn everything about the fish before you go fishing.

Prime Fishing Time

When it comes to fishing at Lake Hamilton, it’s always prime time. After all, there are many fishes in the reservoir.

However, the optimal fishing time is during the fall and winter because of the reduced tourist traffic. The lake is always busier during summer, which can scare off the species.

Best Lures

The best lures work depending on the fish type. Therefore, if it’s a predator fish like bass, then live baits like tinier fish work the best.

Smaller fish quickly get hooked on worms or live bait in general. But you might want to bring sticky baits like livers if you go after a catfish.

Best Fishing Spots

The second most important thing to learn for a lucrative fishing session is the best spots to angle.

Facts suggest being cautious during spring and summer time. Also, consider high or low tide, and listen to experienced anglers.

Most anglers have a lake pattern they use as a blueprint to fish around the rivers or channels. So, let’s go over this quickly.

Below Blakely Dam

If you’re a trout or striped bass fishing fan, you should take a position just below Blakely Dam. The water there is crystal clear, so you cannot miss if a striped bass ever crosses your sight.

But, mind the water depth here. It’s pretty shallow, but the current is very swift. You’ll have to consider this when fishing.

As for trout, they like the west shore more than the north. But before you head north, bring some live bait.

Feeder Creeks

Bass fishing is probably the most popular topic among fishers at Lake Catherine State Park, but little do they know that Hamilton Lake has a hidden bass fishery here.

Feeder Creeks is the hidden spot comprising Little and Big Mazam and Hot Springs Creek. This destination is best for bass fish, and all you have to do is find a good position and bring little minnows because your opponent is a predator, too.

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Lake Hamilton Ar
The lake is an awesome sight. But the fishing here,well let's just say. Tried every thing. And no fish
- Bass Online

Just long enough!

Lake Hamilton Ar
Signage for the boat ramp is a bit hard to find, but the captain walked us through every turn. They don’t enforce having fun, but you will anyways. Quite a few other people were asking our captain how to catch fish, that's a good sign! Will do it again!
- Ike Hamlin

Very Close to Perfect

Lake Hamilton Ar
This place is like a Venus fly trap, you catch one and you just want one more each time. Then BANG, you have another! We come in town for the casino, and were not quite sure which one is more addicting. Try, I think you will like it!
- Roger Dean
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