Pontoon Boat Fishing Trips

Do you have multiple family members? Have you ever wondered what you can do together in the outdoors? Florida bass fishing is a great way to get the whole family on the water for a fishing adventure like no other. Come enjoy our pontoon boat fishing trips with the whole family. Whether friends or family, we can accommodate up to 6 people on a fishing charter with our pontoon boat. Everyone can join and have a blast while fishing for bass with our local experts.

Captain Steve Niemoeller is our local expert with a pontoon boat. Years of expertise and knowledge has led him to upgrade the size of his boat to accommodate more that want to explore what Central Florida has to offer. Lake Toho Bass Fishing is a fantastic way to experience the great outdoors here in Florida.

Here is our Pontoon Boat Fishing Update in Kissimmee, FL:

Pontoon Boat Fishing Trips 1Captain Steve had the pleasure of fishing with Perry, Haley, Ross, Tyler, and Alex on the pontoon boat. They were traveling from England on vacation here in Central Florida. Florida bass fishing was on the radar of things to do but they never knew that they could go with all 5 members of their party. Luckily, Captain Steve has the ability to let you experience Lake Toho.

The Pontoon boat is a great vessel to fish on. You have plenty of space to move around or store your needs. You always will have comfortable seating as well as places to stand on the back deck. This wonderful group spent a quick 4-hours of fishing on Lake Toho with Captain Steve. The best way to fish on the pontoon boat is with live wild-caught shiners. Pontoon Boat Fishing Trips 2

They caught over 30 largemouth bass with the biggest weighing in at 4.5 pounds. Everyone had a great time reeling in the bass. Haley caught the most fish on this trip and was very excited about that. The guys were giving her a hard time that ended up coming back to bite them. All in all, it was a fantastic time on the water and this great group of friends is looking forward to come back in the near future for more action.

Just shortly after this fishing adventure, Captain Steve was back out on the water with his pontoon. This time, he had the pleasure of fishing with Andre. Andre was traveling from Holland with his father-in-law and his Pontoon Boat Fishing Trips 4uncle along with his friend. While visiting all the Central Florida theme parks and attractions, they also wanted to see what Florida bass fishing was all about.

It was another quick 4-hour fishing trip with over 25 largemouth bass in the boat with several double hook ups. The action made for an awesome day on the water. You truly can’t beat the action on Lake Toho. This group of family and friends will be back for more action on their next visit to Central Florida. Captain Steve is looking forward to showing them around for more great bass fishing.