Hi there, this is Captain Brett Isackson report for Bass Online today.

This is my daily fish report for last 3 days, I’ve been out with Wendy and Ross Bass from Texas. Long time repeat customers are mine, we chased after Peacock bass the first day, caught a lot on crappy jigs, and live bait. Moving on to the second day we went after the famous Midas Cichlid found down in the C-100 canal system. We broke my record on Midas Cichlid yesterday, we caught over (20) on crappy jigs. Just by going down the canal system looking for the active fish that were willing to eat. On our last day today we chased after Mayan Cichlid and Tilapia. Some of our exotic fish that we have down here in South Florida. We caught over (25) twenty-five Mayan Cichlids, one Tilapia, (4) four or (5) five Peacocks and one large-mouth.  All caught on artificial baits, throwing little crappy jigs and swimming down through the water column for the for the fish.

This is your freshwater fish report for the last 3 days, with Captain Brett Iscakson…tight lines!