True Rodman Monster Fishing for Trophy Florida Largemouth Bass

True Rodman Monster Fishing

Are you looking to go somewhere the phone can’t distract you? If you were thinking yes, and you need an outdoor getaway, we have the perfect destination for you. The Rodman Reservoir in North Florida is an outdoor paradise for catching big bass and enjoying the sunshine. True Rodman Monster Fishing is currently happening and now is your opportunity to land the biggest bass of your life. If there is one place in Florida that can do it, it’s this one.
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The Rodman Reservoir is located in North Florida near Gainesville. It is a remote fishery known for its trophy largemouth bass. High rewards for high risk if you are going to trailer your boat up there. A wide variety of stumps and fallen trees can pose a threat to a first-time boater. One of the keys to having a successful and safe day of fishing is getting out with a local expert!

Here is your Rodman Reservoir Fishing Update with our Local Experts:

Captain David Lang had the pleasure of fishing with Terri, her son and boyfriend. They were traveling to Florida looking to cash in on some bass fishing action. Rodman Reservoir was always on their list of things to do and see. It was a great day on the water and the fishing trip was a surprise for Terri’s boyfriend Rob.
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One of the blessings about Rodman is that everyone can catch quality largemouth bass. The action was steady on this fishing trip. Big Bass of the day was caught by Terri weighing in at 6.5 pounds. They are already looking to rebook their next fishing adventure. Captain
David is looking forward to their next trip to the Rodman Reservoir.

It was not long after this fishing trip that Captain Ken Walker was on the water in North Florida. He had the pleasure of fishing with Dr. Jacob and his father Chris. Jacob was traveling from Tampa and Chris was traveling from Minnesota. They were traveling to North Florida looking to catch some giant largemouth bass.
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These two men had a blast on the Rodman Reservoir. Coming into this fishing trip, they hoped for 7-pound largemouth bass but when you come to Rodman, you have to set the bar much higher. Chris caught a 7.6-pound largemouth bass rather quickly into their trip. Shortly after this beautiful catch, Dr. Jacob caught an 8.5-pound trophy bass. The action did not stop there making this one of the most incredible fishing trips of the season. Dr. Jacob caught two additional Rodman Monster Bass weighing in at 10.4 pounds and 12.8 pounds.

The Rodman Reservoir is one of the only places you can come catch largemouth bass like this. It is a big bass factory and numbers of trophy bass are caught on this lake every year and all year round. Captain Ken is looking forward to getting back out on the water with Jacob and Chris again in the future!

Just shortly after this remarkable fishing trip, Captain David was back on the water. He had the pleasure of fishing and have an enjoyable day with great friends, Tony and Tommy. They are repeat clients looking to catch some big bass on the Rodman Reservoir. The action was red hot with wild-caught live shiners. Each of them caught decent numbers of Florida largemouth bass with the biggest 7 pounds 11 ounces. Tony and Tommy had a fantastic time on the water with Captain David and are looking forward to their next adventure!
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Rodman Reservoir Fishing is always producing some big fish. If you are looking for a great day on the water, this is your destination. Come get hooked up on some big bass and have the time of your life. Our local experts can get you on the fish all trip long. We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

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