Trolling Open Water on Lake Toho for Largemouth Bass

Trolling Open Water on Lake Toho for Largemouth Bass

Hi this is Capt John Leech with my Lake Toho fishing report.

I had the pleasure to take out Todd Craver today to do some Trolling Open Water on Lake Toho for Largemouth Bass. I love fishing Lake Toho because it allows you to use a multitude of techniques. As a guide, it is integral to have different ways to catch them especially when they are not biting one method.

One of my favorite techniques is trolling. It really gets the bait where it needs to be. You really have to be able to read the water in order for this technique to be effective. You have to know what structure is key for holding largemouth bass.

We found the fish though in open water, along key edges. The largemouth bass on Lake Toho is schooling up really well this time of year. One of the better aspects of trolling is that you can cover more water. Once you find the school you want to fish in, you can stop and focus on it.

Todd had an amazing two-day adventure with us. We went through 4 dozen shiners each day and had a great time. The biggest fish weighed about 6 pounds. You really can not beat coming down to Central Florida to do some Trolling for Largemouth Bass on Lake Toho.

I am looking forward to him coming back soon and getting back out on the Pond.

This is Captain John Leech, and I hope you catch the fish of your dreams!

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Captain John Leech is a full-time guide for over 20 years in Central Florida. He specializing in Central Florida bass fishing and is one of the best at targeting big trophy size large-mouth bass in the Orlando area. His first guide trip was in Leesburg, Florida on the Harris Chain of Lakes. By 1983 I was fortunate to be able to do the one thing I loved the most FISH and make a living doing it. That is what I call a dream job Central Florida Bass Fishing Guide no doubt that fishing in Orlando is one of the best in the world.


Welcome to West Lake Tohopekaliga, known to the locals as Lake Toho, is a 22,700-acre lake located in the City of Kissimmee. The Lake Tohopekaliga comes from the Seminole Indians who lived nearby, and it means “we will gather together here.” The lake is one of the most famous trophies bass fishing lakes in the entire country and spectacular, redear sunfish, birdwatching, and wildlife sightseeing. Osceola County, Florida, is home to Lake Tohopekaliga, the largest lake in the area.


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