Topwater Peacock Fishing Trip with Local Bass Fishing Experts

Topwater Peacock Fishing Trip

Did you know that the elusive and exotic peacock bass lives right here in South Florida? Miami is home to some excellent peacock bass fishing. All year long you can come to explore the beautiful freshwater systems of South Florida and catch some great fish. Our local experts work hard at making sure your fishing adventure is what you are looking for. Miami, FL has so much to offer, from great restaurants, nightlife, and outdoor experience. We hope you get the chance to enjoy a topwater peacock fishing trip on your next South Florida vacation.

Miami Airport Lakes is a prime location for catching peacock bass. The urban feel that this location gives off is truly amazing. When you approach the boat ramp, you might be able to see the hotel you are staying at. This fishery is located close to Miami International Airport, so many travelers fly in just for bass fishing. Florida peacock bass is an exciting fish to catch.

In order to have success fishing for peacock bass, a local expert can really help. Dial in quick on presentations and locations with our local experts. They will get you on the bass all trip long. When fishing in Miami, you will also get the chance to potentially catch a Florida trophy peacock bass. They don’t come every trip but this is the best destination to do so!

Check out what these travelers caught on Miami Airport Lakes:

Meet Cameron, he was traveling from California on vacation. While visiting beautiful Miami, peacock bass fishing was on the menu. Captain Kirk Osborne had the pleasure of fishing with Cameron. The bite was steady all trip long. Sometimes when you go fishing for peacock bass, it takes time for the fish to get active.

Beautiful sunny weather along with a nice breeze with periodical cloud cover made for a great day on the water. The best action on this fishing trip was towards the end of the day. Before that action picked up, Cameron caught over 15 peacock bass. The biggest fish came on a topwater bait and it was the last one of the day.

Most of the fish caught weighed between 2-3 pounds. The biggest came pushing close to 5 pounds! You never know when or what size of fish are going to bite.

Cameron had a great time, especially with the big one at the end. Captain Kirk is looking forward to their next adventure in the near future!

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Robert Miley was out on the water. He had the pleasure of fishing with Paul, who was traveling from Key Biscayne. Paul really wanted to throw artificial lures for peacock bass. Captain Miley will always get you on fish but you might not always catch large numbers with artificial baits.

Some of the best baits to catch peacock bass on are Yo-Zuri Jerkbaits. Paul caught over 6 peacock bass on these baits. Captain Miley also had live bait but it is hard to fish both. He would let a live bait off the back and it would get eaten. Before they could get leverage on the fish, it would run into the trees.

The weather is slowly changing and water level fluctuations can cause the fish to act differently. Baitfish were around and the bite was steady all trip long. Paul was a happy angler and looking Topwater Peacock Fishing Trip 1forward to his next adventure! The big ones did not bite but that is why they call it fishing.

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Peacock bass fishing in Miami is going to get stronger and stronger. As things begin to change, the bass gets active. When looking to explore an exotic fishery or catch a peacock bass, make sure to visit South Florida. We have several locations that can really show you a great time. Let us know when you would like to come to explore Miami for some great fishing. Our local experts will work hard to get you on the fish of your dreams. We look forward to seeing you on the water soon!

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