Summer Peacock Bass Fishing Charter in South Florida

Summer Peacock Bass Fishing

Florida is known as the Bass Fishing Capital of the World. Bass Fishing here in Florida can be experienced in almost every body of water. It is one of the most sought-after game fish. One of the hidden gems here in South Florida is the exotic peacock bass. Summer Peacock Bass Fishing can really provide a unique adventure for those die-hard anglers or families that are looking for a heavy tug on the end of a line!

Two locations are incredibly strong for catching the Florida peacock bass. Miami and Palm Beach County hold some of the best waters to land quality bass. Summer months are an excellent time to get hooked up as the bass love the warm water. Our local experts are highly knowledgeable of the areas and places you can land that fish of a lifetime!

We will start north and move our way south. Palm Beach County is home to the Lake Ida Chain of Lakes. If you are looking to catch quality peacock bass along with largemouth bass, this is your fishing destination. Captain Joe Gruny is one of our experts on the Lake that knows where the fish are holding.

As these summer months roll by, the water temperatures are rising. This does not hurt the fishing but makes it more interesting and fun. Patience is key when fishing in the summertime. Peacock bass is moving deeper in order to get out of the 92-degree surface temperature.
Freshwater Summer Peacock Bass Fishing

Continue the Success

Lenny was traveling from New York to catch some bass on the Lake Ida Chain of Lakes. He can attest that when you follow the instructions of your captain, he can put you on some quality fish. Lenny fished really slow and was patiently waiting for the bite he was after. It is always a pleasure to watch your client’s face light up when they catch some quality bass. Lenny caught 6 peacock bass, 2 largemouth bass, and 3 cichlids. The biggest peacock bass weighed up to 5 pounds!

Lenny had a great time fishing with Captain Joe. We are looking forward to having Lenny back on the water soon for his next Summer Peacock Bass Fishing adventure!

It was not long after this amazing fishing trip that Captain Robert Miley adventured out further south. Miami is by far one of the most productive peacock bass fishing destinations in South Florida. The Miami Falls Canal System holds incredible waters for searching and catching these exotic species of bass.
Summer Peacock Bass Fishing

Keith and his sons Jack and Andrew were traveling from California to cash in on the action here in South Florida. While Keith was here on business, they also wanted to make sure that they caught some freshwater peacock bass! The Falls Canal System was the perfect destination for them.

Making Adjustments on the Fly

Florida Water Management has been regulating the water levels on the canal system. As a result, the peacock bass has been slower than normal as they don’t ever get a chance to adjust. Either way, our local expert Captain Robert Miley will put you on the fish every trip.

Keith, Jack, and Andrew caught 10 really nice quality peacock bass. The biggest bass weighed roughly 4 pounds. You can’t beat the quality peacock bass fishing here in Miami. Whether you want to use live bait or artificial baits, you can catch them up all trip long. These gentlemen had an amazing time on the water and are looking forward to their next visit to South Florida.

Don’t miss out on your fishing adventure here in Florida. Whether in Miami or Palm Beach County, bass fishing can provide one of the best outdoor fishing experiences. As you can see, all our fisheries are alive and well! Bring your family, loved ones, or friends on a fishing adventure of a lifetime!

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