South Florida Bass Fishing Charter in Urban Lakes and Canals

South Florida Bass Fishing Charter

South Florida is a paradise for catching fish. Freshwater fishing for bass is a great way to experience the outdoors, get some sun and catch a fish of a lifetime. Several locations across the region hold excellent waters for exotics and largemouth bass. If you love to bass fish, a South Florida Bass Fishing Charter is what you need!

Three destinations reign supreme when fishing in South Florida. Delray Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami all have locations that are incredible for bass fishing. If you love the exotic peacock bass Delray and Miami is where you should travel to next. Fort Lauderdale is an access point to remote and wild Florida. If you love to fish for largemouth bass, the Everglades may be the best location for you.

Our Captains specialize in fishing for bass in these lakes and canals. Captain Robert Miley is the peacock bass specialist knowing where and how to catch every peacock bass in the state. No matter where you go or visit in South Florida, he is your captain for catching quality bass. Captain Kirk Osborne is also an excellent peacock bass fishing captain but he also specializes in catching largemouth bass in the Everglades.

South Florida Bass Fishing Charter

Amber and her husband David adventure out on Lake Ida. with Captain Miley. They were traveling from Volusia County in search of the exotic peacock bass. Amber bought David a birthday present of peacock bass fishing in Palm Beach County. Getting out on the water is always a great way to spend your birthday.

The Stars Aligned

Air Temperatures are getting warmer making for a great bite for exotic peacock bass. It was overcast to start but then the sun came out shining. When this happened the bass began to bite. Amber and David caught 20 peacock bass with no reel big ones in the boat. The biggest bass weighed 3 pounds.

They are looking forward to the next time they will be traveling from Volusia County to fish in South Florida again. Each adventure will lead you and help you catch your next personal best, you just never know when it is going to come.

If you love to see wild alligators, birds, and the variety of Florida wildlife, the Everglades is by far the fishery for you. While traveling to Fort Lauderdale, enjoy riding down the long stretches of canals reaching your destination to catch more bass than you could imagine.

Wayne and Ron went out fishing with Captain Kirk. They repeated clients that fished with us last year for peacock bass. Wayne and Ron were looking for a change, so they adventured out in the Florida Everglades out of Holiday Park for largemouth bass.

The weather was perfect with a high of 85 degrees. A nice breeze from the north allowed for it not to get too hot on us. One of the luxuries of fishing in the Everglades is the ability to catch largemouth bass in numbers on artificial baits.

They started out fishing with top waters whether it was a spook or popper. After that bite slowed down, they threw plastic baits with great success. Wayne and Ron caught 65 largemouth bass in their 8-hour fishing trip. You can’t beat that action!

Captain Kirk is looking forward to their return next year for another amazing trip on the water.
South Florida Bass Fishing Charter

Miami is the ultimate location to catch exotic peacock bass on a South Florida Bass Fishing Charter. Travel deep into Miami’s urban jungle and hook into a fish of a lifetime. These colorful, hard-fighting bass will take you for a ride worth remembering.

Only in South Florida

The Falls Canal System is one of the best systems for catching trophy peacock bass. Donna and Oscar adventured through this urban system in search of the elusive bass. They were traveling from Atlanta, Georgia on vacation and had to experience some fun in the sun. Peacock Bass Fishing was a pit stop on their way home from the Florida Keys.

Winds and overcast made the bite slightly slower but they still managed to land several-quality fish. Warmer temperatures will begin to activate these exotic species making for a great summer bite. Donna and Oscar caught 15 quality peacock bass weighing up to 3 pounds. Some of these bass were spawning, so you can experience some big catches in the future!

Captain Miley is looking forward to seeing Donna and Oscar back on the water while visiting South Florida again.

If you are looking for a feisty bite or a true outdoor adventure, South Florida Fishing is for you. You truly can’t beat what we have to offer here in Florida. From peacock bass to largemouth bass, several key locations can provide you with a trip of a lifetime. Fishing doesn’t stop and will continue to only get better as the summer months roll forward.

We look forward to fishing and seeing you on some of our Top Fishing Destinations soon!

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