Rainy Day Kissimmee Fishing for Trophy Florida Largemouth Bass

Rainy Day Kissimmee Fishing

Many wonders “what is the best way to spend a rainy day?” The first thought may not go outside and potentially get wet. When it comes to bass fishing though, there is something about the rain that really gets the bass hungry. If you can bare spending some time in rain gear, you can have a fantastic time. Hop on board for a Rainy Day Kissimmee Fishing which could end up being a trip of a lifetime!

During these summer months, afternoon showers are inevitable. This is our wet season and the rain is going to always be there. The rain hitting the surface of the water can really stimulate an amazing bite. After the sun shines all day, a break from the sun will bring the bass out to play. When you hop on board with one of our local experts, they will put you in the right spots to catch the bass you are after.

Here is your Kissimmee Bass Fishing Update:
Rainy Day Kissimmee Fishing 2
Captain Steve Niemoeller had the pleasure of fishing with Bob. Bob was traveling from Rhode Island on a family get-together. While doing so, Lake Toho Bass Fishing is a great outdoor activity to partake in. Full-day trips can lead to promising action, especially during the peak hours including the morning and afternoon.

Bob had a great time bass fishing in Kissimmee. He did not know what to expect from Central Florida but it sure did show out. An 8-hour fishing trip ended with 15 largemouth bass in the boat topped with a trophy fish weighing 8.5 pounds. If you are looking to catch a larger fish, Lake Toho would be the best option for you all year long.

Captain Steve is looking forward to getting back on the water with Bob in the near future!

It was not long after this fishing trip that Captain Steve was back out on the water. This time, he had the pleasure of fishing with JP, his wife, their son, and his friends. They were traveling from Massachusetts on vacation and had to throw in an outdoor fishing adventure. The party was larger than normal which called for the Pontoon boat. If you have a larger party, don’t worry as we have different styles of boats that can accomplish your goals.

Whether you want to catch fish or take a nap in the sun, the pontoon boat is the way to go. Captain Steve worked out to get everyone on fish all trip long. Lake Toho is a great place for this as the action is constant all year long. JP and his family caught some nice numbers of largemouth bass along with alligator gar. Each catch kept them hungry for more.

Captain Steve is looking forward to showing them another great time on the water!

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Bass fishing in Central Florida is a great way to experience all that Kissimmee has to offer. Each trip and day on the water is completely unique and tailored to your needs. Most days will be sunny and beautiful but this is Kissimmee, Florida and wet weather comes. Luckily, most of your local experts are equipped with rain gear and altered techniques to help you land more fish. We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

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