2018 Golden Gate Canal Pictures

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2018 Golden Gate Canal Picture Information

2018 Golden Gate Canal Fishing was incredible, what a year for all the local experts that explored and put their clients on some amazing fish. Cruise through the urban canal systems of Naples, Florida to catch the fish of a lifetime. You can catch peacock bass, largemouth bass, snook, and many more. If you are looking for exotic peacock bass fishing on the west coast of Florida, this is your destination.

BOOK YOUR TRIP TODAY with one of our local experts while Naples Bass Fishing. 2018 Golden Gate Canal Pictures will demonstrate how strong of a fishery this actually is!

About the Golden gate Area

Collier County has experienced a tremendous rate of population growth since 1980 and the trend is anticipated to continue. In response to the anticipated population increase and the Growth Management Act of 1985, Collier County adopted a revised Growth Management Plan in January of 1989 as part of a statewide effort to effectively manage growth. The Golden Gate Area (see Map 1) has grown at an even higher rate than the County-Wide rate since 1980 and is projected to contribute significantly to County-Wide growth in the future.

The Golden Gate Area was previously subject to the regulations outlined in the County’s Growth Management Plan. However, in 1991, the unique characteristics of the area resulted in the adoption of a separate Master Plan for Golden Gate. This Master Plan became a separate Element of the County’s Growth Management Plan and supersedes Objective 1, Policy 1.1, and Policy 1.3 of the County-Wide Future Land Use Element.

All other Goals, Objectives, and Policies contained in the Future Land Use Element and all other elements are applicable. In addition, the Golden Gate Area Future Land Use Map will be used instead of the County-Wide Future Land Use Map.
In April 1996, the Board of County Commissioners adopted the Evaluation and Appraisal (EAR) for Collier County.

As a result of the recommendations made in the EAR, Ordinance 91-15, which adopted the original Golden Gate Area Master Plan was repealed and a new Ordinance 97-64 was adopted.
This plan includes three major sections: The OVERVIEW section provides an introduction to County-Wide and Golden Gate Area planning efforts.

The IMPLEMENTATION STRATEGY places the Plan into effect. Strategies have been developed to address land use, public facilities, and natural resources. This section also includes the Goals, Objectives, and Policies, and the Golden Gate Area
Future Land Use Map.
The SUPPORT DOCUMENT outlines data and information used to develop the implementation strategy and the Goals, Objectives, and Policies.

Unless otherwise permitted in this Master Plan, new or revised uses of land shall be consistent with designations outlined on the Golden Gate Area Future Land Use Map. The Golden Gate Area Future Land Use Map and companion Future Land Use Designations, Districts, and Subdistricts shall be binding on all development orders effective with the adoption of this Master Plan.

Standards and permitted uses for Golden Gate Area Future Land Use Districts and Subdistricts are identified in the Land Use Designation Description Section of this Element. The URBAN Future Land Use Designation shall include Future Land Use Districts and Subdistricts for No development orders shall be issued inconsistent with the Golden Gate Master Plan with the exception of those unimproved properties granted a positive determination through the Zoning Re-evaluation Program and identified on the Future Land.

Use Map Series as properties consistent by Policy and those development orders issued pursuant to conditional uses and rezones approved based on the County-Wide Future Land Use Element (adopted January 10, 1989, Ordinance 89-05) which was in effect at the time of approval. Any subsequent development orders shall also be reviewed for consistency with the Growth Management Plan based on the County-Wide Future Land Use Element. 

We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!