Incredible Summer Bass Fishing Charters in Central Florida

Incredible Summer Bass Fishing

Bass Fishing is excellent across the whole state of Florida. Incredible Summer Bass Fishing trips have been going on all summer long. These warm months have pushed the largemouth bass into schools provoking an awesome bite. Central Florida is one of the BEST locations to set the hook with your family, friends, or loved ones.

Weekends are the perfect time of the week to get out in the outdoors. Whether you are traveling or live in Central Florida, make sure you explore what Bass Fishing has to offer. Big bass has been caught this time of year on both live and artificial baits. Our local expert captains have all the knowledge you need to have a successful day on the water.

Two lakes in Central Florida have been producing the best fishing. Lake Toho Bass Fishing has been on fire for big bass and great numbers. If you are staying at the parks in Orlando, you can also visit the Butler Chain of Lakes which has the same fishing conditions with a different view. Captains Steve Niemoeller and John Leech are your area specialist for putting you on quality fish.

Incredible Summer Bass Fishing

Captain Steve Niemoeller had the pleasure of fishing with Steve and Devon. They were locals traveling from Lake Mary looking to get out bass fishing during the weekend. It was an early morning fishing trip on Lake Toho in Kissimmee. When you get out during these conditions, you have several methods you can catch them on.

But also Capt Steve & John

Topwater and live wild-caught shiners are the most productive baits this time of year. Steve and Devon caught 20 bass in their quick 4 hours Lake Toho Bass Fishing trip. It was awesome for Captain Steve to bond with some new customers that love to go out fishing. They had a great time on the water accomplishing what they were after catching a bass roughly at 4 pounds.

Captain Steve is looking forward to fishing with them again in the future!

Just shortly after this amazing fishing trip, Captain John Leech had the pleasure to go out fishing with John and his son. They wanted to explore the Greater Orlando area on the Butler Chain of Lakes fishing guide. This clear beautiful lake has everything you can imagine from wildlife to incredible views.

Weather can be very unpredictable during these summer months. Summer rain and thunderstorms have been pounding the system but luckily we did not get it to bad. When the rain came, we were able to hide and fish under structures like bridges and docks.

John and his son had an absolute blast of a time catching bass. Just as the rainstorms passed, the bass began to school up. You could see over 30 bass chasing and busting the surface of the water. This is one of the most incredible sights you can ever lay your eyes on. If you love to catch bass, this is heaven.

Come again soon

This fishing trip was truly special and this amazing young man had a great time catching fish. Every bass he caught, the more excitement came over his face. Captain John is looking forward to fishing with them again in the future!
Don’t miss out on your weekend bass fishing adventure here in Central Florida. You can embark on an incredible summer bass fishing trip next time visiting. If you are looking for non-stop bass fishing action, this is the place to visit. All summer long we will continue to catch quality and quantity on all the lakes across the state. We look forward to seeing you next time on the water!

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