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Experienced what anglers have been fishing for many generations, the Florida Everglades. With exemplary conservation and maintenance, this should likely continue to fish well into the future. The good news is you don’t need to be an expert to enjoy fishing in the Everglades. You don’t need a boat because we have unique boats and fishing guides to take you. The Everglades have spectacular views, fantastic weather, and tons of fish. The Everglades is the perfect adventure for spending the day or just three or four hours of good old-fashioned outdoor fun. Ready for some Everglades bass fishing South Florida style? Absolutely! Here are some Everglades fishing pictures and what to expect from a day of fun in the sun fishing the Florida Everglades. – See more reports on fishing the Everglades here.

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Even with the enormous size of the Everglades, you find a lot of shopping, urban culture, beaches, and fine dining very close by. But with shopping at Sawgrass Mills Mall to connecting with a Cruises ports less than 20 minutes away…who needs that stuff at the beach. We recognize that having multiple locations from the airport and the port is almost as unique as the fishing itself. Our sites are convenient no matter where you are visiting or driving. While all other fishing services tell you and sell you that their location is the best…we’re here to service you at the one location that’s best for you! The Everglades nature adventures can only be done by boat because it is complicated to experience fishing from shore.

There’s nothing quite like fishing side by side with the alligators and birds, and the climate allows for year-round fishing for several great species that live in the Everglades. Be sure to check our qualified list of Everglades bass fishing guides before looking elsewhere.