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Florida Lakes

Hope you enjoy looking through the largest selection of Florida fishing pictures in the world. It’s a complete list of pictures broken down into albums by lakes. Then even broken down by the year on the popular bodies of water. Listed are photo albums of the Florida Peacock bass, Florida Everglades, Asian Snake-head, Lake Okeechobee, Stick Marsh, Kissimmee Chain, Butler Chain, Conway Chain, St Johns River and more….

Florida Wildlife Bobcat


If you love wildlife, we hope you enjoy our collection of wildlife pictures. We have these taken during our outdoor outings throughout Florida. Although we did not separate all the pictures by location. They were accumulated from South, Central, and North Florida area. We did separate the birds from the fish and the alligators, kinda felt like we needed too.

World Fishing Event in Florida

promotional Events

This photo album collection is very special and executive. It’s a culmination of Outdoor TV shows, Charity events, and semi-private fishing shows. Which all are supported or produced by us. We assure this is not all of them. We thought by sharing these you could get a better sense of the fun stuff we get to do. Hope you enjoy it!

Charity Fishing Events

Charity Events

A culmination of 15+ years of charity fishing events with NASCAR’s biggest stars. All participating to support the Darrell Gwynn Quality of life Chapter, not a better event nor people! We separated our NASCAR event pictures based on two different tracks. There’s a lot of pictures, we breakdown each by the year to eliminate the clutter of an already very robust photo album!

What Makes our Florida Fishing Pictures Different? 

Hope you truly enjoy the moments captured in the above pictures. The history they represent and also identifies with the longevity this represents for us as the leaders in the Florida fishing industry. No other company in Florida has the recorded history of catching fish and the success in doing so. Thanks for taking the time to view our Florida fishing pictures!

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We separate truth from a fishing story, by getting a picture of your moment! We recognize the importance of good pictures and it impacts the long-term memories our customers have for fishing and catching. I can’t think of a better way to share their memory than capturing it through photographs. Our Florida fishing pictures consist of not only great moments with customers but added corporate events, numerous charity fishing events and so much more. We capture wildlife, lake history, and celebrities as well.

We would like to welcome you to explore the many years of history. Places like the Florida Everglades, world-famous Lake Okeechobee, the beautiful Peacock bass and Snakehead, and the ever-popular largemouth bass in the Central Florida area. Everywhere and everything, even exclusive places like the Rodman Reservoir among others. If you are more interested are looking for certain pictures we are happy to share them with the correct permissions. Contact us below and please share this page as well so all your friends and family can enjoy it, we really appreciate that.

Although we offer you these great fishing pictures to post and use, we do require that you credit Bass Online with a logo and link back to the image or our website. Aside from that, you can use these pictures as wallpaper. No picture can be used on your blog unless approved. This means no commercial purposes if you have an Amazon affiliate link site that is commercial. If you are a company wanting to use these pictures for commercial use, just contact us and ask, In many cases, we do not charge, but only if you contact us first.


Taking great photos of customers isn’t as simple as many think, you should read our 6 steps to a great photo.  In a not shell, there are 6 crucial factors going into the perfect photo. Read the post in which we outline the keep steps that go into making the perfect fishing picture.

PROmotional events

Events like these are unique, there is no one else in the industry they do these at the level Bass Online does. We have customer event trailers, computer setups, and even custom lighting when it is the key. because the location doesn’t matter, the more rural it the better. We are fully contained, everything from our own garbage cans to help with the environment, to a generator for electricity.

When getting pictures of a trophy fish, always make sure you have proper lighting behind you. Sometimes these events involve us walking to the lakeside to get the best pictures. We use both sides of the event trailers and side of the boats, maneuvering our events to get the best shots of the person holding the fish is key.

Charity FISHing Events is who we are!

Another important factor is charity, we all should give back. We like to make sure the events are profitable for the charity and the guest has a great time, it’s a win, win. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, however. Most people might think it’s just fishing. It’s way more than fishing, the charity fishing events we have done to date have raised more than 10 million in funds.

Helping with spinal cord research, purchasing power wheelchairs, and more simple things like buying thousands of backpacks for kids to go back to school. It doesn’t matter, it’s all-important and we do it all. Our charity fishing pictures capture all the events, the happy and sad faces. This is also a good option if you find yourself in a place to provide help to a needy charity, contact us, and let’s see if we can help!

When you go out fishing with us, we make sure to capture the moment for you. We take all the proper steps to get the best pictures for you. Hopefully, your picture makes it on our website soon!