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Lake Wimico, also known as “The Forgotten Lake” to locals, could be considered a hidden and somewhat forgotten treasure in Gulf County, Florida. It’s a protected property near Port St Joe, Florida, connected to Apalachicola Bay, with high water quality and water flow.

Being a 4,000-acre large lake filled with fish, Lake Wimico is a must-visit spot for serious Florida fishers. However, it’s quite a surprise that not many anglers visit the place.

Furthermore, not only those fond of fishing will enjoy the solitude of the place.

For most people, the fact that this lake is unnoticed is another aspect that makes it appealing. People nowadays are craving places that give them peace of mind, away from urban stress, pollution, and problems.

Therefore, if you want to escape the usual city buzz, Lake Wimico is the place for you. Whether you are a first-time angler or a veteran, this place will amaze everyone with its abundance of marine wildlife, beautiful scenery, and plenty of fishing opportunities available.

Fishing in the area is far from a waste of hours sitting around with no catch. Hiring a local expert is always a surefire way to learn your way around the lake on the first visit.

Top Lake Wimico Fish Species

Largemouth Bass on Crescent lake fl

Largemouth Bass

Crappie on Crescent lake fl

Black Crappie

Bluegill on Crescent lake fl


Chain Pickerel

Chain Pickerel

Location in Gulf County

A breathtaking hidden gem from the busy crowd, the lake is located near Port St. Joe in Gulf County, Florida, and goes all the way to White City. It is far away from the loud bustling crowd, noise, and pollution, making the water quality above average. Lake Wimico is connected to Apalachicola Bay through the Apalachicola River system.

The lake is accessible by boat ride with little to no boat traffic through Depot Creek. Being in the area will have you enjoy nature at its fullest, calming your possibly stressed-out self by merely listening to the fresh rustling air while waiting for a catch.

Water Details, Fishing, and Wildlife

Lake Wimico is a thriving freshwater lake surrounded by woods and grass. The lake has almost all types of fish, like shellcracker, crappies, bass, and bream. Furthermore, saltwater species, like trout, flounder, and redfish, are available at certain times of the year. But with all this selection, there are no peacock bass, snakehead, or clown knife fish. Being accessible to the public, some fishermen admit to catching stingrays, while some say they’ve sighted a few bull sharks in the area.

Locals and veteran anglers familiar with the lake can recognize fish’s scent, especially during the bedding season.

The lake is also a habitat for many other animals and Florida wildlife, such as eagles, alligators, turtles, and snakes. Lake Wimico is a protected wildlife management area that created a refuge for residents and migratory wildlife, including some state and federally-listed imperiled species, including birds such as the Bald Eagle and the Osprey. If you plan to visit the area, you might want to note these things.

Federally endangered wildlife species found in the area include:

  • Ospreys
  • Bald eagles
  • Florida black bear
  • Swallow-tailed kites
  • Mississippi kites
  • Manatee
  • American alligators

Finding shade may be one challenge about fishing in this area. Almost every spot seen by the naked eye is exposed to direct sunlight. For this reason, you might need the help of locals when finding a place to shield yourself from the sun. You can book with professional guides if you want comfortable accommodation on their boats.

Besides the comfort, safety, and, most of all, shade, they will suggest and maneuver you over secret spots that only locals and guides know of. Even a half-day trip will leave you fulfilled with your catches and more knowledgeable about this beautiful fishery.

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Lake Wimico Reviews

Wimico Fishing

Lake Wimico
Was visiting Port St Joe and wanted to go out bass fishing. It was hard to find a guide but Bass Online had one. The capt took us to a spot and we caught some largemouth bass. It was an experience I got to check off
- Chase Daniels
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Fishing Hot Spots near Lake Wimico, Florida

Some spots are more active than others. To help you plan out your venture around Lake Wimico, we have listed down a few hot spots around the lake where you can have a better catch and experience:

  • Lake Van Vac
  • Lake Claire
  • Deer Point Lake
  • Lake Martin
  • Chipola River
  • Apalachicola River
Lake Wimico Fish Calendar

Fishing Times

Knowing the best fishing time helps determine when fish are most active. With the help of fishing calendars, you can identify the best times for your targeted species to optimize your chances of a productive day. 

The fishing calendar is based on solunar tables, sunrise, sunset, barometric pressure, weather conditions, and the moon phase. Fishers have produced a unique algorithm to help fellow fishers distinguish the best fishing times. 

You can visit this page to check out fishing times for specific dates.