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Lake Mirror is an egg-shaped body of water with a surface area of 131 acres. Located only three miles from Lakeland town center, Polk County, FL, Lake Mirror is bordered by a suburban community off Highway 33 and into Massachusetts Avenue. The lake and its adjacent park are the crown jewels of Lakeland, Florida, as depicted in National Geographic’s issue of 1930, calling it ‘an ornate entrance to some Venetian palace.’

Lake Mirror has exquisite water clarity and relatively good water quality, which gives it the name. Mirror Lake is a fishing paradise surrounded by dainty parks and majestic architecture. There are more museums, amusement parks, nature preserves, sports stadia, and an eclectic mix of cultures unlike anywhere else. 


Lake Mirror is in downtown Lakeland and part of the Tampa Bay metropolitan area. Europeans settled the site in the 1870s on their southward expansion from South Carolina, and the town of Lakeland was founded on 80 acres of land planted by Abraham Munn. 

Lake Mirror is one of 38 lakes surrounding Lakeland, and much of the culture here revolves around the water. The most prominent feature of this and all of Lakeland’s lakes is swans, which have a long history since they first appeared around the early 1920s. 

But by the 1950s, the swans had all been eradicated by predators like alligators and pet dogs. A concerned resident of Lakeland wrote to the British royal family about the demise of these graceful birds, and queen Elizabeth donated two of her royal swans. 

This body of water was first called Deep Lake because of its depth, then later Bushy Lake due to undergrowth and overhanging trees in its early days. It is deemed Lakeland’s most beautiful feature, finally upgrading its name due to the water clarity. 


Lake Mirror, Florida, is a tremendous local fishery that provides a good spot for locals and visitors to bank fish. There are various fish species in this lake, with bluegill, largemouth bass, crappie, and catfish being the top targeted ones. There are tons of reports of excellent catches of fair-sized fish from here. 


Shellcracker and crappie school on shad with chatter baits, swimbaits, and plastic worms producing strikes, especially under the promenade trees. 

Around the south of the lake, under the bridge’s columns, up to six-pound bass can be caught on shiners, and anglers report spectacular catches, particularly early in the morning. In the middle of the lake, red worms, crickets, and grass shrimp are attracting bites alongside any mix of topwater and plastic flukes. 

Deep diving cranks, weedless crankbaits, and spinners are also suitable for bass bedding in the vegetation, while frogs and rigged plastics will equal shiners on brush piles or deeper structures. Around the canals, bass and bluegill take spinners and crankbaits in the moving water, and boat anglers target these spots by launching from Lake Cannon

Boat Access

Lake Mirror doesn’t have public access to the water, but boats can come through from Lake Cannon via a connecting canal. 

Homes surround the lake, but its northeastern shore borders a vast forested area, and there is another canal that connects Lake Mirror to Spring Lake. This waterbody is part of the Winter Haven Chain of Lake’s south system, and anglers can use any of the boat ramps anywhere on this chain. 

This fishery is rich in crappie, bass, and bluegill, as are all the lakes and canals adjoining it. The only difference is that you can catch anything from specks, butter cats, or gar from the banks, promenade, or pier of this lake.


This area of Lakeland, Florida, is an enthusiastic arsenal of campsites and RV parks that allow you to truly connect with the outdoors in hospitable camping facilities that are exceptionally well-tended. 

All campgrounds in and around the lake mirror are spacious with leveled RV parking areas that offer everything from power hookups, bathhouses and laundry areas. You’ll be within walking distance to the lake, where there are opportunities for biking, hiking, fishing, bird watching, and kayaking. 

Camping sites around Lake Mirror are quiet, clean, offering significant spaces between lots, and parking is available for RV tow or other vehicles. You can select between campgrounds that offer maximum open spaces for sunning or where foliage creates some shade, and many offer sewage connections or dump stations on site. 

Lake Mirror Park

Lake Mirror Park is an entertainment complex offering various activities for visitors to enjoy. This area includes 151 campsites, of which about 47 have electrical hookups for trailers or RVs. In addition, 20 different camps can accommodate large groups. Lake Mirror provides access to a 200-foot swimming beach next to the picnic area. There are also hiking trails for visitors to explore the flora and fauna around this beautiful body of water.

Area Things to Do

Lake Mirror was so named for how clear the water is and is part of the Lake Mirror Park and complex envisioned by the Lakeland Chamber Of Commerce in the 1920s. However, the original design was dropped due to financial constraints in the depression, the southern and northern shores of the lake feature a completed seawall. 

This promenade is a registered landmark in the National Register of Historic Places and has provided the Lakeland community a source of pride. Places to see and things to do on Lake Mirror include; 

Hollis Garden

On the southern shore of Lake Mirror is a neoclassical roofed structure that houses the Tucson gazebo for Hollis Garden. This garden near Lakeland, Florida, is home to over 10,000 shrubs, flowers, and trees, making the tiered ornamental trails a delightful place to visit. 

Some fountains surround the lush tropical flowers and varieties of ferns of Hollis Garden, including a rose garden, butterfly trail, and lakefront promenade. 

Barnett Family Park

This park is a community recreation complex that offers various entertainment facilities for the entire family, including theatre products, senior adult activities, and more. Though the park is hidden from the view of Mirror Lake, it makes up for it with water play areas, kids’ playgrounds, and a picnic pavilion. 

Swan Lake

When you visit Lake Mirror, Lakeland, FL, you’ll see different birds, including pelicans and seagulls, but the swans are a graceful and beautiful touch that is unique to this city. These birds descended from the donated couple from the UK royal family, adding elegance and romance to the shores of Lake Mirror. 

Joker Marchant Stadium

This is another don’t-miss when you’re in the lake mirror area, and you can enter the stadium to watch a classic baseball game. The Joker Marchant Stadium, opened in 1966, has an 8,500 person capacity and is home to the Detroit Tigers, who use it for spring training. 

Top Targeted Fish Species

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Largemouth Bass

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