February Fishing Lake Toho in Kissimmee Florida for Largemouth Bass

February Fishing Lake Toho

When you are traveling to Florida, getting outdoors is a must. Every chance you can get, be sure to explore all that this beautiful state has to offer. Florida is consumed with exceptional things to do, especially largemouth bass fishing on Lake Toho in Kissimmee, Florida. Many travelers overlook the impact fishing can have on their vacation but it is a highlight for all those that climb aboard. Enjoy this February fishing Lake Toho update to see what you can get yourself into.

Lake Toho Bass Fishing is starting to get red hot. Bigger female and spawning bass have been coming into the shallow waters. Now is most certainly the time to come land that trophy largemouth bass that you are after. Whether largemouth bass, speck or crappie, and alligator gar, you can have a blast reeling in fish all day long.

Our local experts are beyond professional and knowledgeable of bass fishing in these areas. You never know what you will get yourself into when looking to explore Central Florida. Lake Toho is one fantastic place to experience and to bring your whole family on a trip they will never forget!

Check out this February Lake Toho Update with our local experts:

Fishing with Captain John Leech

February-Lake-Toho-Fishing “I had the pleasure of fishing with Mike and his son-in-law Cody. They were traveling from West Virginia and wanted to catch some Florida bass. There is no better way to spend a day outdoors than getting out on Lake Toho. Kissimmee, FL is a beautiful place with a lot to offer.

We headed out to several different spots on the main lake. Mike and Cody put a smackdown on the largemouth bass. Wild-caught live shiners were the most successful technique in catching largemouth on this fishing trip. It was not long before they ran out of bait.

The biggest fish caught on this trip weighed over 5 pounds. They had a great time catching fish all trip long. There is nothing like family time on the water and getting the chance to bond with loved ones.

I am looking forward to fishing with Mike and Cody again soon!” – Capt John Leech

Fishing with Captain Steve Niemoeller

“Lake Toho located in Kissimmee, FL is starting to ramp up. This is one of my favorite fisheries to show travelers a great time. I had the pleasure of fishing with Steve and Terry who were traveling from Northern Indiana to Central Florida. While doing so, Lake Toho Bass Fishing on the pontoon boat was a must. February-Lake-Toho-Fishing

Whether you have two anglers or have six anglers, you can enjoy the pontoon boat. Space and comfortability is what draws anglers to it. Bass fishing and crappie fishing are easily accessible on this fishing vessel. This time of year, bass fishing is most certainly the way to go.

Steve and Terry booked two days of fishing on Lake Toho. The fishing conditions were windy at times but overall it was two exceptional days on the water. Live bait was the most successful method to catch largemouth bass on this fishing trip.

These gentlemen caught over 25 bass on their first day and over 35 bass on their second day. You truly can’t beat that action when coming to Florida. On the last day, they caught a fish to break the scales with. It weighed in at 8.3 pounds, which they put into the Florida trophy catch with.

Everyone had a blast on these fishing trips and you just never truly know what these lakes will produce. I am looking forward to getting these gentlemen back out on the lake as soon as possible!” – Captain Steve Niemoeller

Fishing with Captain Brent Nelson

February-Lake-Toho-Fishing “Cold fronts can most certainly slow the fishing down quite a bit. Throughout these winter months, you will periodically have some cooler weather. One thing about being out on the water on a daily basis, I have learned to have the ability to adjust.

I had the pleasure of fishing with Bryan, who was traveling from Texas. He was coming down to explore what the waters of Lake Toho had to offer. Fishing may have been slow due to windy, cloudy, and cool temperatures but we did manage to land numbers of largemouth bass.

Fishing wild-caught live shiners over submerged hydrilla around Kissimmee grass on the main lake produced an exceptional bite. Bryan caught over 23 largemouth bass on this fishing trip weighing up to 5 pounds.

He also caught a 5-foot gar that added some excitement to his fishing trip. Even with the conditions the way there were, Bryan had a fantastic time catching fish all trip long.
I am looking forward to getting him back out on the water again soon!” – Captain Devin Dickerson

Come Experience Kissimmee and Catch Yours Today…

We hope that you get the chance to come fish on Lake Toho. The natural essence and beauty of this place will captivate you. Big bass and endless action will keep you entertained all trip long. If you have any questions, we are always here to help. Look forward to getting you out on the water next time!

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