Kissimmee Local Expert Fishing Report for Largemouth Bass

Kissimmee Local Expert Fishing

Kissimmee, Florida is the ultimate bass fishing destination. If you are looking to take your family on a fishing adventure of a lifetime, Lake Toho is the place to do it. Lake Toho is located in Kissimmee. It is only a quick drive away from all the parks in Orlando. Explore the waters while Kissimmee’s local expert fishing captains help you catch the fish of a lifetime.

Our local experts know how, when, and where to catch quality largemouth bass. You have nothing to worry about when fishing with our professionals. They will educate you and put you on fish all trip long. Captain Steve Niemoeller, Captain John Leech, and Captain Devin Dickerson have spent a lot of time fishing on Lake Toho to create memories worth experiencing again.
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1st up Capt Steve

Captain Steve Niemoeller had the pleasure of fishing with Drew. Drew just recently moved to Florida and wanted to get a better feel about what it is all about down here. The best way to do so was to get in the outdoors and go bass fishing. Drew worked for Amazon and now is enjoying his time down in Florida. He also fished with Captain Brent in the past and we thank him for coming back with us here at Bass Online.

Drew was an avid fisherman looking to learn more about bass fishing. He threw mainly artificial baits including worms and top waters. Zoom speed worms and steel shad topwater lures put some nice bass in the boat. The bass loved the topwater. It was a strong early morning bite. Drew caught over 12 largemouth bass on his quick trip outweighing in the range of 2-3 pounds.
Captain Steve is looking forward to their next adventure soon!
Kissimmee Local Expert Fishing

Next up Capt John

Just shortly after this incredible fishing trip, Captain John Leech adventured out Lake Toho Bass Fishing. Captain John had the pleasure of fishing with longtime repeat and friends. The Dorsey family can’t get enough of the bass fishing here in Kissimmee. Lake Toho is one of their favorite places to bond as well as compete against each other.

The father and son duo brought the heat on this fishing trip. Lake Toho showed them a great time on the water. Their competition is who catches the biggest, who catches the first, and who catches the most. Tommy Jr caught the first fish of the day. It was a nice-sized fish. Tommy Sr comes in strong with the biggest bass weighing 7.5 pounds. It was not long after that that Jr also catches a big bass weighing 6 pounds.
Lake Toho Bass Fishing is producing some excellent fishing this time of year. The Dorsey’s had a great time as always with Captain John. They will be back for more of this incredible action soon!
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Third is Capt Devin

Our final local expert adventured on Lake Toho changing things up. Captain Devin Dickerson had the pleasure of fishing with Donnie, Tony, Alex, and Mike. What a quick and eventful 4 hours of fishing on Lake Toho. Kissimmee is producing big time with some fast and furious bass on the first cast.

Donnie, Tony, Alex, and Mike were visiting Florida on vacation. While they were here, bass fishing was at the top of the list. These guys boated almost 40 bass with several fish in the 4-5 pound range. The biggest bass weighed right at 6 pounds. Kissimmee largemouth bass can run through your live bait faster than you can feed them. After running out of bait in two hours, they caught several nice bass on artificial baits including the Zoom super fluke.

These gentlemen will be back for more of this incredible action. When they do, Captain John will be the local expert that shows them even more action on Lake Toho.
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Don’t miss out on your fishing charter in Kissimmee. This is the perfect place to have some fun in the sun with some friends. Bring along some competition and make it a great day on the water. If you are a freshwater fisherman and love to catch bass, Kissimmee is your next Florida travel destination. We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

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