Family Lake Okeechobee Fishing for Largemouth Bass in Florida

Family Lake Okeechobee Fishing for Largemouth Bass

Have you heard of Lake Okeechobee? Have you wondered what all the buzz is about? Well, Lake Okeechobee is a world-renown lake for exceptional largemouth bass fishing. The lake is about to turn on and get red hot for its largemouth bass fishing spawn. If you are looking to come bass fishing on Lake Okeechobee, the next months are prime time to get it done. Join our local experts on a Family Lake Okeechobee fishing experience like no other.
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Our local experts have spent many days and hours of their time determining the best tactics to catch largemouth bass. If you are looking for that big bass, get on the water with those that spend most of their time there. Just hop on board and everything else will be taken care of for you. Bring your whole family along for a fishing adventure of a lifetime with our local experts and professional captains.

Here is your Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Update:

Captain Brian Brown had the pleasure of fishing with Travis and his son Nicky. They were traveling from Massachusetts looking to explore what Lake Okeechobee had to offer. Captain Brian focused in the Harney Pond area as it was producing the best fishing trips at the time.
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They adventured out on a quick 6-hour fishing trip in the morning. The bite was steady in the morning with wild-caught live shiners. After moving around quite a bit, they found a giant fish. It was a big mudfish or bowfin and not the bass they were hoping for. Travis and Nicky caught over 15 largemouth bass on their fishing trip with most weighing between 2-3 pounds.

For the first time experiencing Lake Okeechobee, this was a great trip. You don’t want to get spoiled on the first trip. One of the best parts for them on top of catching quality bass was that they got to experience the wildlife as well. Travis and Nicky will be back for more action in the near future and Captain Brian is looking forward to it!
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The same afternoon, Captain Brian had the pleasure of fishing with Keith and his son EJ. They were traveling to Okeechobee City, FL looking for a bass fishing adventure. It was a quick 4-hour fishing trip with wild-caught live shiners out of Garrad’s Bait and Tackle.

Keith and EJ really enjoyed just being out on Lake Okeechobee. The birds and alligators were active making for an awesome fishing adventure. Keith and EJ caught over 12 largemouth bass in their quick fishing trip. Winds were blowing to start and then they died down, slowing the bite considerably. Some days, it is not the catching that creates memories but the adventure. This wonderful father-son duo will be back for more action in the near future and Captain Brian is looking forward to it!

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Mark Rogers adventured out for a day of Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing. He had the pleasure of fishing with the Kalacky family while they were warming up in Florida. They were traveling from Canada looking to experience what Lake Okeechobee had to offer.
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The weather was beautiful and the winds were light on this fishing trip that produced an excellent bite all trip long. They adventured out for a quick 4-hour fishing trip with wild-caught live shiners. The bass were biting from the start of the fishing trip to the end. This amazing family boated over 20 largemouth bass with the best weighing 4-pounds.

As the lake continues to drop, the bass will move toward the outside edges. If you focus on those areas, you will have the best luck. Captain Mark is looking forward to their next adventure in the near future!

It was not long after this fishing trip that Captain George Mrozinski adventured out on Lake Okeechobee. He had the pleasure of fishing with Bryan and Ed. They were traveling from Texas looking to get themselves into some Lake Okeechobee Largemouth Bass. This was a bucket list fishing trip for these longtime friends, so they adventured out for 6 hours.

The method of choice on this fishing trip was wild caught live shiners on the north end of the lake out of Okeechobee City. The action started slow but as the day warmed up, action picked up with it. Bryan and Ed found what they were looking for on this fishing charter. Ed landed a big bass on Lake Okeechobee weighing in at 7.5 pounds. Ed and Bryan had a fantastic time on the water and can’t wait till their next adventure.

Captain George is looking forward to another great day on the water!

Don’t miss out on the action. As conditions get right, the bass will continue to bite. The bass are on the move and the prime spawning months are ahead. Now is the time to come explore what Lake Okeechobee has to offer. If you are visiting Florida, let’s get you set up on a fishing charter of a lifetime. Bring your whole family along!!

Come Visit Florida and Catch Yours Today..

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