Early Morning Summer Fishing in Kissimmee, FL for Largemouth Bass

Early Morning Summer Fishing

Largemouth bass wakes up every day just like us. The morning breeze and the sun peeking through the surface allow for the ultimate wake-up call. Also just like us, they get hungry first thing in the morning. If you are looking to capitalize on catching largemouth bass, this is the prime time to cash in on the action. During the summer months, the morning bite is a must to experience. Hop on board for early morning summer fishing in Kissimmee, FL!

Kissimmee is home to a wide range of activities for the whole family. When you arrive, you may wonder how can we change it up and take a break from the theme parks. Florida bass fishing is a great way to take a break from the parks and get in the outdoors. The largemouth bass is plentiful and ready for you to take a picture with.

Our local experts are essential when it comes to catching fish here in Central Florida. They spend many days and years on the water making sure they dial in on the best fishing tactics possible. We live to share our information and want to provide you with something to take home. Our goal is to help you catch more fish everywhere you go!

Check out these travelers catches while Lake Toho Bass Fishing with Captain Devin:

Early Morning Summer Fishing

Groups of Any Size Welcome

Robert Webber brought down a group of people to explore the waters of Central Florida. Captain Devin had the pleasure of fishing with them on beautiful Lake Toho. It was a quick 6-hour fishing trip and it was filled with action-packed fishing all trip long. The most effective method on this fishing trip was artificial and live baits.

Robert and his group caught over 30 Florida largemouth bass. Most of the fish came on wild-caught live shiners. The main structure of focus was submerged vegetation, especially hydrilla. If you can find the right bed, you can catch some quality fish. Robert also caught fish on a speed worm and black and blue jigs. The largest bass on this fishing trip weighed around 5 pounds.

Robert and his group had a great time and are looking forward to getting back on the water with Captain Devin in the near future!

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Devin had the pleasure of fishing with Dave, his wife Margaret, their daughter Kate and her husband Joe. They were traveling to Florida on a family vacation and wanted to switch it up. Lake Toho was a great way to do that, especially with our local experts.

Live bait was the bait of choice on this fishing trip. This wonderful family had a blast catching over 25 largemouth bass on their all-day trip. The bite was slower on this fishing trip but the staying patient was key. The largest 5 fish weighed close to 23 pounds. It was truly an amazing day on the water for this family.

Early Morning Summer Fishing 2

Dave, Margaret, Kate, and Joe had a wonderful time fishing on Lake Toho. Captain Devin is looking forward to getting them on more fish in the near future!

It Amazes So many People

Lake Toho is absolutely beautiful. It is a wild and natural place where you can experience a lot. Whether you want to see alligators, watch eagles fly overhead, or catch the largemouth bass of your life, Lake Toho is the place to visit. Every adventure is unique and can be customized to your needs. Don’t miss out on a family memory that will never die. We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

Come Experience Kissimmee and Catch Yours Today…

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