Cool Weather Peacock Fishing in Palm Beach County, FL

Cool Weather Peacock Fishing

Florida peacock bass fishing is an amazing experience. Warmer weather typically is the most effective time to come explore and catch peacock bass. Some occasions like a cool weather peacock fishing trip can put you on some big bass. The main ingredient, a local expert!

Our local experts have extensive knowledge and experience catching peacock bass. They know the behavior and patterns of this incredible species. Cold weather can make them unpredictable but our professionals will put you around them. Captain Joe Gruny and Mike Groshon are your Lake Ida Peacock Bass Fishing Specialists.

Captain Joe Gruny had the pleasure of fishing with Fred and his two sons Richie and Andy. They were traveling to Florida to escape colder weather in New York. While they were here, peacock bass fishing was a must to experience. The peacock bass were on a slow bite but that did not stop some quality fish from coming to the boat.
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Water temperatures dropped on Lake Ida Chain of Lakes due to several cold fronts moving through. Water temps were in the range of 67-70 degrees on this fishing trip. Conditions like such can shut down the peacock bass. While waiting for things to warm up and the sun to come out, Fred, Richie, and Andy picked away at some largemouth bass.

It was not long after this that the sun reached the strength it needed to land a big peacock bass. Andy caught a 4-pound peacock and enjoyed every moment of it. These gentlemen will be back for more action next time they visit.

Captain Joe is looking forward to getting them back on the water next time!

Just shortly after this awesome fishing adventure, Captain Mike Groshon had the pleasure of fishing with Robb and Tyler. They went out to explore what Lake Ida had to offer them. Luckily, great weather and conditions came after a majority of bad conditions.

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Once the 20 mph winds and overcast skies cleared, the bass began to bite. Robb and Tyler had a blast reeling in some quality peacock bass with the biggest in the 2-3 pound range. They also enjoyed landing both peacock and largemouth bass. Captain Mike worked hard for them to get on these bass especially when conditions were not completely in their favor.

Robb and Tyler will be back to catch up on some more peacock bass in Palm Beach County, FL!

Don’t miss out on your adventure here in Palm Beach. The bass are biting good and when the warm weather is here, they bite even better. Lake Ida and the surrounding lakes have a lot of great outdoor activities to offer. Where ever you are visiting, make sure your trip is filled with memories that will last a lifetime!

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