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New Hogan Lake in California

If there ever was “Lake Heaven”, then the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in California are the place you are looking for. It combines water resources, beautiful nature scenery, fantastic recreational opportunities, and more.

New Hogan Lake is just one of the many artificial lakes with a lot to offer. From wakeboarding and sailing to camping and hiking, Lake New Hogan is a magnet for weekend visitors.

Fishing at New Hogan Lake

Fishing is a popular sport in California, and New Hogan Lake is a well-known spot for it. Largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, spotted bass, striped bass, white and black crappie, channel catfish, and bluegill are the popular fish species that may be found in New Hogan Lake.

Fishing enthusiasts who are after stripers visit the lake more often during spring and fall, as these are the times when these popular fish emerge at most in the waters of New Hogan Lake. However, if you are into fishing for trout, you will have to go to the Calaveras River because it is no longer planted in Lake New Hogan.

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Where to Fish

The best pro tip places to go trolling for stripers are on the lake or somewhere around Coyote Point and the Fiddleneck Day Use Area. Some anglers prefer fishing around the islands, others in places with structures.

If you are going for largemouth bass, crappie, and smallmouth bass, then go for the points. Shallow areas are great for catfish fishing, especially in the summer.

You can also enjoy a good fishing day at the lake in Whiskey Creek or Bear Creek. These are great fishing spots where visitors can fill their boats with diverse fish species in no time.

Camp Fishing

Fishing is one way to plan a family day. If you are staying at the Acorn Campground, the Oak Knoll Campground, or the Deep Flat Boat-in Campground, don’t hesitate to try out this pastime.

Use the boat ramp nearby and visit Wrinkle Cove, an excellent fishing spot for largemouth bass, crappie, and striped bass.

When you return to your camp, light up the grill and organize a feast. If you were lucky, you can call some of the nearby campers and savor the catch together.

Fishing Regulations at New Hogan Lake

If you are a passionate angler, you know that there are fishing regulations that need to be followed. Before embarking on a fishing trip in central California, check with the local authorities on the regulations.

Find out where you can go fishing, the maximum size of the fish you can keep, fishing licenses, and more.

With that said, a fishing license is required for fishing in New Hogan Lake near Valley Springs, CA. If this is your first time on New Hogan Lake, you can purchase a resident or non-resident fishing license at the spot.

Top Targeted Fish Species

Largemouth bass and Bullhead catfish
Northern Bass
bass smallmouth
Smallmouth Bass

Striped Bass

Crappie - San Joaquin river


See all fish species >>>

A Bit of New Hogan Lake History

The Calaveras River has been the “problem child” in the area. History has witnessed many floodings of the river that, in turn, became a headache for the City of Stockton. The existing Hogan Dam simply couldn’t protect the city from river problems.

The Army Corps of Engineers decided it was time to tame the Calaveras River and use it to the advantage of Calaveras County.

Construction Phase

It took the Army Corps of Engineers three years to complete the earth-fill dam, up to 1963. The New Hogan Dam is 210 feet high and was used to fill the New Hogan reservoir in 1965.

As owners of the reservoir, the Army Corps of Engineers intended it to provide flood protection but, at the same time, built a hydroelectric plant that could produce electricity. The New Hogan reservoir also supplies drinking water to the Calaveras County Water District and the Stockton East Water District.

General Information on New Hogan Lake

Located 30 miles northeast of Stockton, the capacity of this artificial lake is 317,000 acre-feet. The lake is 180 feet deep, and the surface area is 4,400 acres. When full, New Hogan lake extends 8 miles to the merging of the north and south forks of the Calaveras River and has a 50-mile-long shoreline.

One use of the lake that is beneficial for nearby residents is that it is used to supply the region with water.

Sun and Fun on Lake Hogan

If you are into outdoor activities, you’ll love New Hogan Lake. The diverse content of recreational activities is fantastic; there is literally something for everyone. Enjoy a day on the lake and try one of the many water sports.

Have fun water skiing, canoeing, sailing, or tubing. Use one of the several boat ramps to drop your boat or jet ski into the reservoir.

If you are into camping, there are around 207 available campsites. Savor all the modern amenities or opt for pure and simple nature camping.

New Hogan Lake Attractions

The New Hogan Lake is close to many attractions and offers possibilities for all-day trips. With access to the Central Valley, the area is rich in picnic sites, popular swimming areas, and campgrounds.

Learn more about visiting the Wrinkle Cove Day Use Area, the Fiddleneck Recreation Area, and the Observation Point near the park headquarters. You can go fishing, swimming, boating, wildlife viewing, or horseback riding.

Go on a day trip and visit Angels camp and Mercer caverns, or enjoy a stroll on the nature trail near the foot of the New Hogan Dam. Mountain biking and disc golf are also popular in this area.

Swimming in New Hogan Lake

Swimming is allowed in New Hogan Lake but at your own risk. The park headquarters don’t provide lifeguards, so you’ll be swimming in the lake without supervision. But you can still enjoy a refreshing swim in the lake’s deep water.

There are some rocky areas around the shoreline, which is why tennis shoes are recommended. Wrinkle Cove is considered the most popular swimming spot among visitors.

Hunting Near New Hogan Lake

If you are into hunting, check with the park headquarters for details about rules and regulations. Hunting is allowed away from the developed recreation areas for safety reasons. – these areas are marked with white paddle markers.

You can use a bow and shotgun for hunting during the open season and hunt for ducks, geese, dove, turkeys, and quail.

Camping on New Hogan Lake

New Hogan Lake offers three campgrounds: Deer Flat Campground, Oak Knoll Campground, and Acorn Campground. There is also a possibility for group camping at the Coyote Point Group Campground.

Acorn Campground

The Acorn Campground offers 128 campsites overlooking New Hogan Lake. Handled by the Army Corps of Engineers, this campground allows you to place tents, recreational vehicles, or trailers.

The campground is open all the time, and the oak-covered shore is what makes visitors return.

Things to do in Acorn Campground

Acorn Campground has boat ramps you can use for your boat or jet ski, so you can enjoy a day of fun with your family by boating or water skiing.

If you are more into exploring, visit the Monte Vista recreation area and try the breathtaking eight-mile equestrian trail. Here you can also try the “River of Skulls” hiking trail or enjoy the scenic loop along the other equestrian trails and the lake.

For those passionate about bike riding, there are many bicycle trails on the west side of New Hogan Lake. They are fitting even for beginner riders.

Amenities and Facilities

Acorn Campground is the best-equipped campground on New Hogan Lake. It offers coin-operated hot showers, restrooms with flush toilets, tap water, and a fish cleaning station.

It also has RV parks stationed in the shade of oak trees. Tents and trailers are also welcome here.

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New Hogan Lake
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New Hogan Lake
Great Trip! Can't wait for the next 1.
- John Jones
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Oak Knoll Campground on New Hogan Lake

This is another campground managed by the Army Corps of Engineers. Spring is the best time to visit one of the 49 campsites here, spread around the shoreline of New Hogan Lake.

Located just east of Valley Springs, CA, the camping season starts in May and lasts till September. You can place tents, RVs, and trailers on this campground.

Things to do

Take advantage of the hiking and equestrian trails that can be found around the lakeshore. Go for a day of rafting on the Mokelumne River or have a mountain biking adventure.

Use the opportunity to visit the disc golf course located between Wrinkle Cove and the Fiddleneck Recreation Area.

Amenities and Facilities

The campground is equipped with a dump station and has coin-operated showers. The campsites have a fire ring with a grill, lantern hook, and picnic table.

Deer Flat Boat-in Campground

The Deer Flat Boat-in Campground offers campsites in the south shore area. These are accessible only by boat and give a “primitive” camping style. However, note that it can accommodate only 30 tents.

Facilities and Amenities

The campsite can be reached by using the boat ramp in the Fiddleneck Recreation Area, where visitors can also leave their vehicles.

You will have to use vault restrooms and trash receptacles available within the campground. There’s also a lantern hook, fire ring, fire pit, and picnic tables.

However, note that the campground doesn’t have drinking water.

Things to do

Water skiing, tubing, and wakeboarding are just some of the activities you can do here, along with swimming. Visit the disc golf course between Wrinkle Cove and the Fiddleneck Day Use Area, or go rafting on the Mokelumne River.

You can also try one of the many hiking and equestrian trails or go mountain biking.

Coyote Point Group Campground

This campground has one group camping site suitable for 10 to 50 people. Located east of Valley Springs, CA, you can access it through the Oak Knoll.

Things to do

Like the other campgrounds, Coyote Point offers many recreational activities. You can enjoy a day of activities on the lake, like fishing, water skiing, or boating.

If you decide to visit one of the campground swimming areas in this area of New Hogan Lake, don’t forget to bring tennis shoes. The lake access here is rocky, so cautious lake entering is advised.

Of course, if you don’t want to be near the water, you can go up the mountains and go hiking, horseback riding, or biking.

Facilities and Amenities

The campground offers 10 picnic tables, 6 fire rings, a picnic shelter with three tables, and no hookups. You can use the large grill to prepare some delicious largemouth bass for the group.

Nearby Oak Knoll Campground, you can find a shower and a dump station. Use of tap water and vault toilets are also open to travelers.

New Hogan Lake Map

Wildlife in New Hogan

You can also see various wildlife in the New Hogan area. The lake’s south shore area is designated for wildlife viewing. If you enjoy observing, check for signs at the park entrance that will point you in the right direction. The locations can easily be found because they are marked with binocular symbols.

Diverse Mammal Species

If you are lucky enough, you might have the opportunity to see a great variety of species – coyote, gray fox, broad-footed mole, blacktail deer, and many more.

The striped skunk and mountain lion also roam the New Hogan area. A harmless animal, the striped skunk, minds its own business unless you disturb it. Mountain lions, on the other hand, are not so peaceful.

Bird watching

There are plenty of bird species that live in this area. Because the bald eagles have made New Hogan their wintering home, you can see them more frequently in the winter months.

You can also observe hawks, pelicans, owls, herons, woodpeckers, and many other birds in their natural habitat.


The New Hogan wilderness will not be complete without snakes. Visitors can see many harmless snake species, but the area also has rattlesnakes. Hence, be especially careful when on the trails.

Final Word

New Hogan Lake near Valley Springs is for all families who enjoy weekends in nature. Whether you are into fishing, mountain biking, hunting, or camping, New Hogan has a lot to offer.

Among the camping grounds, Acorn Campground is the primary choice for many visitors; it has all the facilities and amenities you may need. But if you are more into feeling nature, you can choose anyone, pack your tent, and head to the site.

Be careful – New Hogan in Calaveras County may become your new favorite camping spot.


What time does New Hogan Lake open?

The working hours of the park are 8 AM to 10 PM on weekdays. If you come on weekends, you can stay until 11 PM.

Are dogs allowed in New Hogan Lake?

Yes, New Hogan is pet-friendly, and there are no additional pet fees. Size doesn’t matter as long as the dog is on a leash.

Can you kayak in New Hogan Lake?

Yes, kayaking is one of the many recreational activities among the visitors of New Hogan. You can also go canoeing, boating, swimming, or enjoy hiking and the equestrian trails.

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