Lake Fishing for Bass: Discovering the Perfect Rig

Bass is a fish family densely populated in the US lakes, attracting anglers’ attention for ages. Their competitive spirits meet all over the US lake waters, eagerly trying to outsmart each other.

Even if America has a tradition of bass fishing, all anglers going after trophy bass fish still have more to discover about the breed and continuously upgrade their knowledge. It means learning about the fish’s natural habitats, temperament, and, most importantly, the best bass rigs for lakes.

Future or present, skilled or beginner anglers will find helpful information about bass fish in this article – every dilemma from how to fish for bass in a lake to the best bass fishing rigs for lakes. If you find yourself in one of the groups above, keep reading this text to learn what it takes to become a professional or how to recognize mistakes. 

Bass Fishing on Lake: Is There a Particular Rig for It?

Ned Rig Best Bass Rig for Bank FishingFishing for bass in a lake is a tradition in the US. Almost every state in America, known for its bass fish, features a lake tournament. It may be local or international, but anglers are always eager to test their skills against a worthy opponent – the unruly bass.

One of the key factors for successful bass fishing on lake day is choosing the right fishing rig. Essentially, fishing rigs are combinations of a few components to help the angler land their trophy fish. The combinations could be many, but there is an exact number of fishing components to make the right one:

  • Main line: the line that connects the reel and the swivel;
  • Lead line: the line that begins from the swivel to the hook;
  • Swivel: the connector of the main and lead line;
  • Sinker: small weight that helps you land your bait to the desired place;
  • Beads: usually used to cover the strings or to create movement in the water;
  • Hook: the final but most relevant component of the rigs.

Several rigs work for bass fishing in lake environments that have proven to deliver positive results; otherwise, it takes experience to mix the components independently.  Many beginners constantly repeat the mistake of using a single bass fishing rig in all environments. Consider change if fishing winter, spring, fall, and summer to catch bass.

If you are one of them, you should know that although bass breeds are related to the same family, they are unique. Despite popular belief, there are distinctive bass fishing rigs, especially when it comes to lake environments.

Bass Rigs for Lakes: The Criteria

Carolina Rig - bass rigs for lakesWhen choosing the best rig, there are two perspectives every angler must consider: The bass type and the environment.

Largemouth bass, striper, spotted, or smallmouth bass have some similarities as being related to the same fish family, but they also differ regarding their response to external triggers. Experienced anglers research the bass type they go after before they set sail in the lake. They also consider their findings about bass habits, nature, and spirit when it comes to determining bass fishing rigs.

Basses may be provoked by color, type of lure, mimicking their prey’s movements, etc. All these are valuable factors to consider later when picking the best fishing rig for lakes.

The environment is the second valid component when setting the best fishing rig for bass fishing. However, we refer to the internal and external surroundings when speaking about the environment. For example, the weather is a huge factor in picking the best rig for lake bass fishing, and so is the water condition of the lake you wish to fish. Additionally, there are different types of rigs to use in bushy or rocky areas.

Basically, these two factors compose the main criterion for determining the best fishing rig for a particular bass.

The Best Bass Fishing Rigs for Lakes: A Comprehensive List

“How to rig for bass fishing in a lake?” is a common question that troubles many interested anglers. There are several best bass rigs for lakes to research before going to the lake, and they are:

  • Texas Rig: For this rig, you need a plastic lure of your choice (plastic worms come highly recommended), a bullet-shaped sinker (attached to slide for more natural movements of the lure), a hook, and a pegging device. The most important part of this rig is the hook. With this rig, you can hide the hook to the fullest and trick your fish at once. The Texas Rigging secures the lure in place and doesn’t allow it to move.
  • Carolina Rig: This rig is similar to Texas; only here, the sinker is fixed. It contains the same components, but given that the Carolina Rig uses a fixed sinker, it is meant for fishing in deep waters with dense vegetation.
  • Ned Rig: During the colder months, bass fish stay in the shallow under the leaves and logs. When fishing in the shallow, there is no better option than the Ned Rig. It is a finesse fishing technique that may require some more practice, but it will land you the best bass during winter. For the Ned Rig, you need a mushroom head jig, a lure, a sinker, and a hook.  
  • Drop Shot Rig: If you want to use this technique, you will need a spinning rod and reel to perform a vertical drop that imitates actual movements. Additionally, you will have to use drag and drop the lure all the time until you sense it’s time to stop. It’s the most recommended rig for fishing in deep waters.

Lake Bass Rigs: Concluding Remarks

Drop Shot RigsDo not underestimate the bass fish. They are smart and intuitive, which means they can easily tell when they are walking in a trap. The key is to lure them carefully by using the proper techniques.

To summarize, use the Texas Rig or Drop Shot Rig when fishing in deep waters with not-so-dense vegetation. For shallow waters, use the Ned Rig and areas with dense vegetation will require the use of the Carolina Rig. If you follow this recommendation, you cannot go wrong. 

It might take an hour or two to master these rigs, but the final results definitely pay off. When you decide to go fishing, be sure to consult the tips above and have a blast. Good luck!


How do you rig for bass fishing in a lake?

There are several rigs for bank fishing for bass or in a lake by boat, including Texas Rig, Carolina Rig, Ned Rig, and the Drop Shot Rig.

What lures to use for bass in a lake?

The most recommended lures for bass in a lake are jigs, plastic worms, crankbaits, swimbaits, or spinnerbaits. It’s up to you.

How do you target bass in a lake?

Bass are bloodthirsty predators. They like to go after wounded prey, so using red beads or red color tricks them into believing it is blood.

People Also Ask

Do bass like shallow or deep water?

During spring, their spawning season, basses migrate toward the shallows.

What attracts fish in a lake?

It depends on the fish species, but the bass is definitely wounded prey. They tend to wait hidden in a spot under the vegetation and are easily provoked when they sense blood or see something red.

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