Weekend Fishing Charters in Orlando, Florida

Weekend Fishing Charters

If you are looking for highly productive bass fishing all year round, you must adventure out in Central Florida. Orlando bass fishing can bring you great joy for your family and friends. Weekend fishing charters are the way to go whether you live locally or visit Central Florida.

Orlando, Florida, is home to the Butler Chain of Lakes. It is one of the most breathtaking places to go fishing. The water is crystal clear, the bass grows large, and the homes are stunning. When exploring this fishing destination, look up at the sky and trees as the birds and wildlife will amaze you. Just don’t forget you are also fishing, so don’t miss the bite!

Captain Devin Dickerson is the local expert on the Butler Chain of Lakes. Years of knowledge will give you the best time fishing this lake. Richard and Mike adventured with Captain Brent looking to catch some Florida largemouth bass. During these late summer months, storms and weather can affect fishing conditions.

Despite stormy weather, Richard and Mike landed over 26 largemouth bass. The biggest bass weighed up to 4.5 pounds. Wild-caught shiners were the most effective bait to catch the bass. If you focus on the main lake vegetation, you will have the best success in landing a quality bass.

Don’t count out these late summer months for producing a productive bite. You never know what will happen when fishing here in Florida, especially on the Butler Chain. Captain Brent looks forward to another amazing time fishing with Richard and Mike.

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After this fantastic fishing trip, Captain Steve Niemoeller adventured with Brian and his son Dylan. They were traveling from Mississippi to spend time here in Florida on vacation. While visiting, they had to get out on the Butler Chain of Lakes fishing guides. It was a great time to do so as the bite fired up during this fishing trip.

The bass was schooling on Lake Butler. It is always exciting to fish a school of largemouth bass. You can throw topwater baits on them, and they will eat them up. Speed worms are also very successful. Brian and Dylan adventured on a quick fishing trip with 12 fish in the boat!

When exploring the fishing in Florida, you can catch bass in multiple ways. Get on the boat with a local expert and catch the bass by throwing artificial bait or live bait. Captain Steve is looking forward to fishing with Brian and Dylan again! They had a great time on the water.

Don’t miss out on your Central Florida fishing adventure. Orlando is a great place to come visit and catch largemouth bass. We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

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