Trophy Kenansville Florida Fishing for Largemouth Bass

Trophy Kenansville Florida Fishing

Largemouth Bass are one of the best game fish species in freshwater. They are abundant in the state of Florida but not many destinations produce trophy largemouth bass all year round. Trophy Kenansville Florida Fishing can provide you with some of the BEST bass fishing in the state. Make sure you experience and explore these destinations with expert captains who know the waters very well.

Kenansville Lake has been a hot spot this season. Best Trophy Kenansville Florida Fishing for more big bass have been caught there than in many of our other locations. If water levels stay right, you will still be able to go crush some awesome bass on the Lake all summer long.

Captain John Leech had the pleasure of fishing with Terry and Samuel. They were brothers traveling from Ringgold, Georgia looking to explore and search for some green swimming gold here in Florida. Central Florida and Central East Florida hold the best waters to do so.

When you are on the hunt for trophy bass, you have to use wild-caught live shiners. They are the most effective technique to put big numbers along with big bass in the boat. High winds and changing weather conditions did not stop the bass from biting. This incredible Florida Fishing Charter was one of the best they had ever had.

Terry and Samuel landed over 37 quality largemouth bass. The trophy bass they caught weighed 9 pounds 14 ounces. Words can’t express the amount of joy and excitement that runs across your face when you catch bass like this. We love to change lives here at Bass Online.
Captain Brent is looking forward to fishing with these amazing gentlemen again in the future.

About Capt Steve

Captain Steve Niemoeller enjoyed another incredible fishing trip not too long after this one. Jerry and his daughter Carlan came out for an adventure of a lifetime on Lake Kenansville. Jerry is a repeat client of mine for many years. They were traveling from Utah to explore what Kenansville had to offer.

When you come to Florida best trophy Kenansville Florida fishing and are looking for an unforgettable and unbelievable fishing trip, Kenansville Lake is the place to come. Captain Steve has this one spot that produces more bass than Jerry and Carlan had ever seen. They caught over 70 largemouth bass on wild-caught live shiners. The biggest fish weighed 6.3 pounds with 30 bass within 4 to 6 pounds.

Jerry and Carlan will be back for more of this incredible Central Florida action soon. They had a fantastic time with Captain Steve. All summer long this amazing fishery will produce. Will you be experiencing it?

Don’t miss out on an adventure of a lifetime here in Florida. Bass Fishing is only going to get better as the summer months roll on. Big bass will be caught on a variety of lakes in Central Florida and especially on Kenansville. If you are looking for trophy largemouth bass, you have to travel to this beautiful fishing destination. Enjoy fishing on one of the best lakes in Florida.

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